Studio remodel :: new adjustable tables!

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We have the adjustable (SANSAD) Ikea tables in the studio! Woohoo! The art group folks surprised me with them yesterday. What a gift! I'm still in shock.

I'm so glad to finally have art tables to accomodate both Maia (and her friends) and Daphne (and her friends). The table with the blue feet is at the lowest setting and is still a tad tall for Daphne, but I think it'll work okay and of course she'll grow quickly. The table with the red feet is at the middle setting now, but we may move it up to the highest setting. Not sure yet. The current height may work for both Maia and for the taller toddler art group kids. We'll see… (By the way, each table came with two red feet and two blue feet, but I decided to try one color on each to differentiate the tables more clearly.)

I love the easy-wipe laminate tops on these tables!

The old studio table is going to be our new outdoor art table. Whenever the weather is nice, the toddler art group can paint or whatever on it outdoors. And Maia, too, of course.

For those who asked about my painted black and white "tiles," they are very easy to make but somewhat time consuming. I marked off the squares on the cement (1 foot by 1 foot, I think) using a sharpie and a yardstick. Then I painted in first the white squares then the black using porch and floor paint.

I finished repainting the white "tiles" last night — doesn't it look better with a fresh coat of paint?! Now I just have to let the paint cure, add a sealer, rehang the drying wall wires, paint the shelves white, and rehang them… The studio remodel is moving slowly, but surely. And it is making me happy!

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  1. Gina says

    Very clever with the table feet ;) I thought the multicolored feet on the same table were a bit odd, even for Ikea.

  2. says

    and i was thinking to myself you sure got to ikea quickly! ;) how nice that you got your tables! your studio is dazzling.

  3. char says

    Wow–everything looks so fresh on your site! It’s inspiring! I especially love the font color and background for your… what’s the blog lingo… headline? Welcome banner? Anyway, it’s beautiful. Your statement below your headshot is also inspiring. That’s what I’m aiming for, too!

  4. says

    It’s beautiful, Jean! And what a nice group of friends you have — I can see why they love you :) And do I see that you have a new header? There’s so much remodeling in your life right now!

  5. Lauren says

    Looks great! I actually just last week painted our upstairs bathroom a very similar lilac color. And our bathroom is full of black and white tile as well! It’s a nice combination.
    And your friends are so nice to get the tables!

  6. [email protected] says

    I am going to the Charlotte IKEA in about a month to get one of those tables–fantastic! I love your studio and only wish I had a space that could be used solely for that purpose. Going to end up putting the table in the center of the playroom as an art space (and put down a vinyl tablecloth underneath so as not to ruin the wood floors). Your ideas are wonderful and so inspirational… do you have any suggestions for finding “hidden spaces” in the house to make into art spaces?

  7. sivan says

    You can take the plastic feet off the table for Daphne, and add them later when she grows taller. I have the same table from my twin two year olds.

  8. says

    How sweet of the group! The studio looks amazing! Regarding the green chest, I love the green with the silverberry and think it looks great as is. :)

  9. Erin says

    I was thinking about getting this for my daughter and was wonder how durable these have been for you. My husband is concerned the top will scratch easily. Thanks in advance!!

  10. says

    We have really loved these tables! They have been perfect for art and very sturdy, very durable. I haven’t noticed any problem with scratching at all.

  11. Brielle says

    These are awesome. We always loved the adjustable metal table legs. We use them all the time at the house. Its great to have one table to grow with the kids.