Light + color = beauty

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Maia, Daphne, and I made a new "stained glass" window for our front door. I love it!


We all scribbled on a piece of easel paper with oil pastels, then painted over the scribbles with yellow and green (for spring!) liquid watercolors. As when we've made paper stained glass before, we brushed the back of the paper with vegetable oil to make it more translucent.


Although now, I want to add more colors to the door — red, blue, purple! Perhaps next up is a rainbow door…

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    Is so beautiful, I wish our front door didn’t have bumpy old fashioned glass in it now so that we could do it too!

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    So inspiring! Thanks so much for this blog, it gives me so much inspiration. would you believe my daughter’s name is Maia, spelled the same also and is 4 years old, almost the same as your Maia. I love the paper dolls- I have a degree in studio art and never thought to give my daughter a stapler! so thank you! I do have a question- I also have a toddler, Rafael, who is 18 months old. How do you keep the peace between your girls when they are making art- Rafael always is more interested in what Maia is doing and Maia isn’t able to focus completely on her work when he’s nearby trying to grab everything. Do you have a separate space and supplies for Daphne? Thanks again for this blog!

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    What a wonderful idea. It really is nice when your house has the aura of your children. The air of love will fill every room in your house. Thank you so much for sharing this truly inspirational story to all of us.