Sarah’s Silks Playsilks for Imaginative Play (& a Giveaway!)

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Sarahs Silks Playsilks for Imaginative Play

Sarah's Silks tagline is "silks for imaginative play," which is so, so true.

As I think you know, we are big fans of playsilks in this house and have a basket of them handy for all kinds of pretend play. Just yesterday, our playsilks were used to make a fort, to be a ghost, and to make a bed for a stuffed lamb friend. 

More things my kids use playsilks for:

  • capes
  • skirts
  • turbans
  • slings for broken arms
  • baby slings
  • belts
  • dog leashes
  • sashes
  • blindfolds
  • rivers and lakes for pretend play scenes
  • roofs and floors for block building
  • living room dance party streamers 
  • blankets for dolls
  • gift wrap
  • and more!

I don't know what we'd do without our playsilks. They have been the consistently most-used "toy" in our house over the past several years. While they don't often play the leading role in pretend play scenarios, they are well-loved as supporting props and accessories. 

And as Sarah says, "there is no end to what a playsilk can be."

Sarah's Silks 2

Sarah's Silks, one of my blog sponsors, is a small shop and website devoted to selling playsilks and other silk products for imaginative play and a magical childhood. Some of my favorites in her shop, besides the playsilks themselves (I really love the starry night playsilk!) are the silk wings, the fairy skirts, and the rainbow baby blanket.

You can follow Sarah's Silks on Facebook, twitter, or on Sarah's blog (Check out her post on DIY rainbow fairy mobiles) for updates, giveaways, and ideas for creative ways to use playsilks.

Would you like a chance to win a gift certificate to Sarah's Silks? Read the guidelines below to enter…


Sarah's Silks is offering a $50 gift certificate to one lucky winner. To enter the giveaway, head over to her shop and look around then come back here and leave a comment by Tuesday, August 14th at 11:59pm EST saying what you would like to buy if you won the gift certificate. Have fun shopping! Giveaway open to readers anywhere; one comment per person, please. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Wednesday morning (I will also e-mail the winner). Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me #152, so Kylie wins the gift certificate. Congrats, Kylie! (I'll e-mail you…)

Kylie said…

I love the starry night silk scape but would also love some of the smaller ones for my daughter to play with.

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  1. says

    oh, they are all so gorgeous!
    I think we wold get a rainbow silk scape, Tommy loves making tents, and wrapping himself up in scarves.

  2. [email protected] says

    We would love a large rainbow silk. The one I bought 10 years ago is getting a bit worn out! Playsils have been the most-used toy in our house for the past decade, and Sarah’s Silks are the best!

  3. Megan Macdonald says

    Oh WOW, gorgeous and unique products. I am in Australia so I assume I am not eligible but I LOVE the dragon costumes. I wonder if Sarah’s Silks post to Australia? Beautiful play ideas to let young imaginations develop freely.

  4. says

    Jean, I’m with you on the starry night. I love the Starry Night Silk Scape in particular, it looks pretty magical.

  5. Kim Wolke says

    I would get the rainbow silk for my girls and/or a fairy dress. My 5 year old saw the canopy and said “Ooohhh…I want that.” Little does she know, she’s getting one for her birthday! :)

  6. Katie says

    We have some small playsilks so I would definitely love a larger silk scape. Deciding between starry night and rainbow would be torture, though :)

  7. says

    They are all so pretty, but I would definitely have to get a princess hat, a unicorn and dragon hat, and a multicolored playsilk :)
    Sarah M

  8. Bernadette says

    After years of lurking and being inspired by your blog, this giveaway has finally pushed me to leave a comment. Considering there are close to $150 dollars worth of merchandise in my imaginary cart at Sarah’s shop, I’m not sure I can name just one or two things I’d get if I win the giveaway, but I guess at the top of my list is the rainbow silk scape.
    Since I AM leaving a comment for the first time, Jean, I’d like to tell you how much your blog has helped me since I was introduced to it a few years ago. I have been struggling with trying to be a good (actually, just a “good enough”) mom to my two young children (I am an American living permanently in Japan, away from friends and family, and the isolation sometimes gets the best of me). Reading your blog gives me a lot of hope about how our family life could be, and occasionally, when in I’m in my better spirits, I even try out an activity I see here. So thank you for all that you share.

  9. jennifer says

    I would get a fairy dress for my two girls, I have never heard of these so I hope I win. They look so fun.

  10. says

    Wow!! So many beautiful things to look at, it’s hard to choose just one favorite. I think my favoriteS are: the rainbow silk, the silk scapes, and the fairy wings. They are simply gorgeous. I generally purchase silks and dye them myself, but these are amazingly beautiful. My preschoolers make the silks into pirate headdresses, dresses, skirts, capes, princess hair, and more. Their imagination never seems to be in short supply when the playsilks are out.

  11. says

    Those are gorgeous. My daughters are really into putting towels on their heads to make their hair look longer. I am sure they would love the veils! They are so pretty!

  12. Erin says

    I’m in love with the rainbow wings – we got a rainbow skirt about 3 years ago from Sarah’s Silks, and it’s still going strong, and a favorite at dress up time!

  13. says

    We have no play silks yet, but I’ve always wanted to try them. All the colors are so beautiful that I’d probably just order a seconds grab bag so I didn’t have to make that tough decision! Or maybe the 6-pack of white ones to dye ourselves? Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  14. Jill says

    My daughters would LOVE to make a canopy or tent out of the big rainbow silks. How fun and magical!!

  15. megan says

    What a fun giveaway. We don’t have any playsilks, so I’d love to get a couple for my kids, or a pair of wings for each of them because playing Bug Squad is their favorite thing.

  16. Andrea says

    So awesome! I would get the primary play silks, or the mermaid costume or capes…everything looks so fun. Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  17. says

    Oooo! They are all so yummy! Love the colors and designs, but I think I would go for the white silks to dye ourselves. My little one loves to paint and design. These would be perfect for her.

  18. says

    I would get my 5 yr old son the gold and emerald crown, as we’ve been playing kings and knights a lot. And my daughter, well, I’d probably get her the girl’s dress-up grab bag seconds because she’s 2.5 and she won’t know they’re “seconds.”

  19. Amy Fields says

    We are adopting a special needs baby so the baby blanket would be a must in our house!

  20. Jen Hogan says

    My girls and I think that a large silk would be great for fort building in the house on rainy days.

  21. Angela says

    I love them all so much! My daughter would love the white silks so she could dye them with her friends. Twice as much fun!

  22. V says

    Awesome! A huge rainbow silk and a parachute would be PERFECT and special toys for my 2 boys! Thanks to you both…

  23. says

    I love this giveaway! I would actually just buy as many different colored playsilks as I could, because my son loves dressing up, and we really only have one…that’s an old beach wrap of mine! But he uses it all the time. Would love to have more and more colors.

  24. says

    I’d get the rainbow, starry night, royal, and turquoise full-sized playsilks! I hope we win – we’ve been wanting to start our playsilk collection, but it’s so pricey it’s hard to justify before we’ve seen them at work with our kids!

  25. Katie says

    My daughter is way into fairies right now, would definitely have to go for fairy wings and dress! She is hoping I win!!

  26. Christine says

    There is so much I love in this shop! I think I would go for a play silk set, most likely in rainbow colors. Christine

  27. Debbie says

    I have no kids of my own (yet), but have been a ‘liker’ on Sarah’s FB page for ages now. I work with children, and LOVE these playsilks! I would love to win the voucher so that I can buy some lovely bits for my very best friend who is pregnant with her first baby!

  28. Sandra M says

    Wow, this is great giveaway! I think I would choose Unicorn Costume, but the final decision would be on my little one :)

  29. says

    I have been dreaming of a primary color playsilk set for my children for years now, but never seem to be able to find the money – great giveaway!!

  30. fyrebloom says

    We love our fairy skirts, wings, and mermaid costumes. We have silks that I dyed myself that are getting pretty ratty after all these years and could use replacing and I’d LOVE armour and a sword and shield for my son.

  31. Kristy says

    I love Sarah’s silks and I would love one of the veils and a new canopy and maybe a sword… Clearly I can spend much more than $50 there ;)

  32. Vivien Lee says

    Wow! That’s a wonderful idea to use for activities. I have been using fabrics in my language classes for a while now. Kids love it! I would love to have this opportunity to try Sara’s Silk. Thank you!

  33. Katie says

    In addition to the playsilks, I love the Princess hat. I can see my daughter running and playing in it!

  34. Miranda says

    We would go for the rainbow and starry night playsilks. Or maybe the bigger one so we could build a fort. :)

  35. Andrea says

    We love Sarah’s silks! We have a couple little “silkies” and the fairy wings, but I too would love the the large starry night silk!

  36. Mary Hopkins says

    We would get the pastel playsilk set. We don’t have any playsilks. I’ve been dying to get some, but didn’t want to spend the money if my kids don’t like them. I’m hoping they love them and my family can see that we don’t want or need any cheap plastic toys Made in China!

  37. Amy says

    We love our playsilks! They are used for everything – capes, dog leashes, baby blankets. I’d love to add a giant giant playscape cloth (probably cotton because of all of the outside play it would get!). We’ve tried making our own, but can never duplicate the dreamy, soft colors that Sarah gets.

  38. Kenyon says

    We have four playsilks from Sarah’s Silks and they are always in use! My girls would love dress-up silks like the fairy dress/skirt and butterfly wings. The silk scape would be a wonderful curtain/tent! Thanks much!

  39. Amanda L says

    What a great giveaway! My little one is only 6 months, so I think I would do a few of the mini playsilks plus a playsilk seconds bag for when he’s bigger. Or maybe a rainbow baby blanket. Or the little rainbow ball and a rainbow silk….oh, too many choices!

  40. Amy Williams says

    My girls love their Sarah’s Silks playsilks, rainbow comet and fairy wings. We’ve long been wishing for a Rose Rainbow Canopy to go in my daughters’ bedroom. I would definitely put the gift certificate towards that!

  41. Cecilia Starin says

    I have been dreaming of the under the sea canopy before my daughter was born. I would love to hang it in her room. It could be a place under which she dreams magic dreams.

  42. molly says

    I want that rainbow silk!! One thing we don’t yet have in our repertoire!! Pick me pick me!!! =)

  43. Nancy says

    I’d get the silk scape for my son — in starry night. Plus I probably couldn’t resist a dragon wand for him, too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. TheBbqs says

    We would get a set of playsilks! We have one, and a fairy dress, and they are wonderful! We’d also put a rainbow playsilk in the order, and just pay for the extra. :) The fairy dress is our 3 year old’s favorite dress up item! She can do it herself, and it feels wonderful on.

  45. lillearnershouse says

    they’re all wonderful but would prioritize in getting the cotton play cloths and the irresistible skytails!

  46. says

    Oh my goodness! These silks are amazing! Thank you! if to choose it would have to be anything rainbow!. thanks so much! And Jen thank you for being a lifesavor for me with all your crafts! xo

  47. Kate says

    That “starry night” playsilk is gorgeous! Love them all! Thank you for the giveaways!!!

  48. says

    We actually have no play silks although I have been wanting some for a long time. I would get a whole bag of seconds play silks to start of our collection. I do also like the knight costume for my boys as it is hard to find some good boy dress up clothes.

  49. Kary M. says

    I have two little boys who would love the dress up “Crown” and the “Starry Night Playsilk”. So many lovely items to choose from!

  50. Alyssa says

    I work with junior preschoolers (ages 2.5-3+), and I can definitely see them making blankets for their babies. It’s a favourite activity of theirs!

  51. Catherine Hoper says

    They are all so beautiful ! My daughter loves dress up and she has all my old scarves but they don’t have the “floaty” quality of these gorgeous silks !

  52. Carolyn A. says

    I would definitely use a $50 gc to buy an assortment of the mini-silks for my 1 year old! :)

  53. Karen says

    I get a small set of play silks for my toddler – a sky blue, a yellow, and a rainbow one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Trish says

    Love these! Starry night a must, love-love the skirts and wings, and the mermaid one was super cute, too … Oh, and the crowns are super fun! Thanks for the info!!!!

  55. sondra says

    oh – so many to choose from. the rainbow silk canopy would be great to make forts outside!

  56. Kristy says

    My toddler doesn’t have any silks, but I’m so happy to come across this post as her birthday is in less than a month! If I won the gift certificate I’d buy a large rainbow silk, some smaller ones and a streamer or two. :)

  57. Jeanne says

    I always love the rainbow playsilks, but I would love to get my daughter the starry night playsilk. She would love it!

  58. Liz NG says

    I love Sarah’s Silks! We have a mini rainbow silk already and I just got a blanket. I would use a gift certificate for either a set of full sized silks or the silkscape (not sure if it would be rainbow or starry night, but both look awesome!!)

  59. Jackie says

    I use play silks with my preschool group. There are so many uses, drama, puppetry, decoration. I would use the certificate for her rainbow silk, butterfly wings and silkscapes (for puppetry). Thanks!

  60. says

    So hard to choose! Silk parachutes? Soft Swords? Star costume? Canopies? Rainbow Silk? Ah! everything is just so beautiful. Our kids would love ALL of them!

  61. Katie Davis says

    So lovely! I would love to get some playsilks and a veil for my two children ages 4 and 2. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  62. Elaine Hendriks says

    would love to buy the rainbow silkscape even just a set of play silks could go mad in this shop shame about budgets then again maybe they are meant to be broken like some rules woops maybe better not let my littlies see this lol

  63. says

    we do ship to Australia! And everyone is eligible for this give away. Also Honeybee Toys in AU sells all of our things

  64. says

    I have been seeing her silks around for awhile. I have them on my wish lists. I think I would use the for GC for a silk scape, if I won. They’re beautiful.

  65. Michele says

    We actually have so many Sarah’s Silk’s products! We don’t have any of the smaller playsilks so I’d probably want some of those or a few more of the bigger ones. They are lovely!

  66. kathy in nc says

    ❤❤wonderful silk dreamy play land ..lo❤e the big playsilks and stary nites and the star & rainbow throw..❤❤ soo much fun

  67. Susan Lynch says

    the soft swords are a great idea!! My two and three year old play ‘knights’ with sticks from the garden which is fine….but the soft swords would be a lot less painful lol :)

  68. mary says

    Wow, these are gorgeous! I would put a gift certificate toward a full set of pastel play silks.

  69. Alison says

    I think that my daughter would love the play silk sets in either pastel or the primary colours. We play with them at music group and they’re so much fun.

  70. Heather Gay says

    I would love to get the fairy skirt for my 3 year old.
    And I’d probably get a rainbow silkscape to hide away for the holidays.

  71. Lisa says

    These look like SO much fun! The rainbow baby blanket and a fairy skirt would be fun for my daughter!!

  72. Carrie says

    I would choose a rainbow play silk, and then several mini silks. I love the starry night too, though!

  73. says

    ooh! I know my girl would love the fairy wings and one of the veils to start! she loves her playsilks that we already have :)

  74. Mariah says

    Wow, what a fun store. I would have trouble choosing, but I narrowed it down to the rainbow play silk, cotton play cloths, play clips, and fairy skirt. Thanks for the opportunity!

  75. elana says

    i can’t even start to choose one item out of all they have to offer. every item is just amazing. thanks for this generous offer.

  76. [email protected] says

    My 4 year-old would be crazy about the unicorn pocket playsilk and my 7 year-old would love the rainbow playsilk. I LOVE them all.

  77. Rachel says

    We love playsilks in our home…my children would just love some playscapes, starry night or the rainbow!

  78. Cristina says

    This looks so fun! Our son uses sheets to make tents and houses, but how cool would it be to lay under a rainbow silk? or starry night? I would have to get both of those and a pocket silk..maybe some asstd colors too!

  79. Amy says

    We love Sarah’s silks! The rainbow silk is a definite favourite and i think the rainbow baby blanket would be a wonderful addition for our youngest daughter:)

  80. mumma_ox says

    They are all so lovely, we could have the lot! But I do like the sound of the streamers in particular, something just so lovely about little ones running free with a long silk streamer.

  81. kerry santillo says

    Oh MY the fairy dress is a winner here!!! How much fun and fantasy with this ♥♥ thanks

  82. Susan Pollard says

    The fairy dress would be beautiful for a sweet 3 year old that I know. But the rainbow and starry night silkscapes are both beautiful too!

  83. Carly says

    These look like so much fun! I think I would use the gift certificate for a few of the playsilks and let my daughter choose the colors.

  84. Jenny - Italy says

    Wow, they’re really beautiful, especially the starry night playsilk! My 2 years old son started playing with some cloths I had bought for him, but these would be so much better… :)

  85. Kylie says

    I love the starry night silk scape but would also love some of the smaller ones for my daughter to play with.

  86. CarinaRdz says

    We don’t have any playsilks so I would stock up on several colors of the basics. Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. Chris says

    Love, love, love Sarah’s Silks! We already have the rainbow playsilk, but I would surely buy another one. With 5 little girls, the one is just not enough! :)

  88. Sasha maglaya says

    Sarah’s silks are awesome! We had one gifted to us when my daughter was born and it has held up much better than our other playsilks. We would love a starry night canopy. Gorgeous!

  89. Lyna J says

    I want everything!! I’d probably start with a playsilks set and starry night and/or rainbow silk scape :)

  90. Sarah says

    I would love the gorgeous jewel tones set of playsilks for my daughter. She’s not yet two years old but she’s already wrapping dish towels and such things around her shoulders for capes. :-)

  91. Karen says

    We don’t have any playsilks yet, but I’d love to have some! I’d use the gift certificate for the primary color silks.

  92. says

    I’ve often thought of buying playsilks for our girls, but I somehow never have. Winning that $50 gift certificate would be such a treat! I am tempted by so many items in your shop, and I struggle to limit colours. I think I would use the gift certificate towards a playsilk set of 6. Thank you!

  93. Meg C says

    So many choices…I think I would either want to get the rainbow silk scape or the silk rainbow baby blanket:) Just beautiful!

  94. Elizabeth B. says

    Thank you for introducing me to Sarah’s Silks! I bookmarked her site. If I won the g.c., I would use it for a set of full sized silks or a couple sets of the seconds. I teach in a small Montessori school with limited funds, so the children wouldn’t know they were seconds and would love it! Thank you for the opportunity!

  95. says

    I’ve been in love with Sarah’s silks since the first time I saw one of their playsilks, everything they make is so beautiful, I would be thrilled to win!!!

  96. Heather N says

    I would love to get the Starry Night Silk Scape or maybe just an assortment of silks since I don’t have ANY (I know!!!); this would be a wonderful gift for my little girl. Thanks for the giveaway.

  97. Andrea Leveille says

    I have been looking at these for a little while – I think I would order a full sized set of silks and fairy wings. I am not sure that I could resist the starry night playscape though!

  98. Agnes says

    My son is in a Waldorf school, where we first learned that silks are the best playtoys! Thank you for this giveaway!

  99. Maureen says

    Ooh! We would totally get some skytails and some playsilks – one would have to be pink for my older daughter.

  100. Kim F. says

    I think my son would love the Starry Night Silk Scape and a crown. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  101. Samantha says

    Love these silks! So many things to choose from. I think I’d go with a set of playsilks and some of those lovely wooden pins for securing forts.

  102. jessica barker says

    I am so glad I found Sarah’s Silks in my quest for halloween costumes! I have a little boy and think all boys should have a super hero cape. I would love to have a Sarah’s Silk’s cape for him along with the dragon costume, starry night blanket, and a few silk scapes- perfect for fort making. I know for, myself as a little girl, I would have worn all the princess and unicorn silks -close to everyday!

  103. says

    I would have a tribe of little knights so the costume would be great. However I am ashamed to admit we don’t have any play silks…not one. Maybe I would start there. It would be great to show the little boys the site and let them pick for themselves.

  104. Milly says

    Oh lovely! I would love the starry nights scape, or jewel coloured silk set. This would be perfect, I really need to provide more opportunities for imaginative play for my kids. We are in a bit of a plastic toy rut at the moment :(

  105. Dena says

    Hi Jean,
    I love their veils and fairy costumes! And I would love to buy some white silks and use your tutorial to try out tie dyeing for the first time! Thanks for the opportunity and introduction to such a beautiful store.

  106. Lisa says

    These playsilks look like LOADS of fun! My daughter would like the fairy skirt and the silk wings. Thank you for the give-away!

  107. Angela D says

    I like to stretch my winnings as far as possible, I would buy the starry night playsilk, a gold Playsilk & The Magic Knot book. Thanks for offering the give-away!

  108. Sharon says

    We don’t own one of these yet, but I really like the starry night play silk. And when he is done playing with it for awhile I thought attaching it to the ceiling for something fun to look at during nap time.

  109. katie says

    the obvious answer is ANY of the fairy items for my fairy-loving 5 year old… and then it would be so difficult to choose but probably a baby blanket for #3 (we’re anxiously awaiting his arrival, in the next couple days)… and the fish pond game for my middle daughter… fabulous products!!!

  110. Laurie says

    My 3rd and 5th graders still love playing with these. Their latest request is for some small scarves to practice juggling. The mini-playsilks look perfect.

  111. Jenevra says

    My daughter would be a fairy dress girl for sure. They look lovely! We have the rainbow cape for my son; he loves to be a super hero.

  112. Heather says

    As tempted as I’d be to get dragonwings (for myself!) I think I’d hafta go with a rainbow silkscape. The possibilities are vast.

  113. Sarah says

    We couldn’t go past some large silks for play scenes, or dress ups, or whatever takes our whimsy on any given day! We already have one of the Fairy dresses in our possession, my 3.5year old loves it and I can visualise my 1 year old getting use out of it in years to come…

  114. Jeanette says

    This is my first introduction to play silks – what a beautiful toy for a child to have. I’d choose the rainbow or starry night silks for my daughter, who just turned one.

  115. says

    Tough choices! I think my four boys would like a set of swords to play with; I would prefer a couple playsilks or the large scape.

  116. Milena says

    It’s hard to pick just one thing.. Love the silks (the starry night is really lovely), dresses and wings (or even better the dress with wings attached!).
    Thanks for the giveaway Jean.

  117. Carrie says

    We have the swords and my boys love them! To be honest I’d just get a whole bunch more playsilks! We only have a few and we love them. But the big ones are soooo tempting as well. Everything is beautiful!

  118. ashley stephenson says

    Just LOVE them all!! Its a tough decision between starry night and large rainbow… both would be utilized. extensively at my childcare center but many little people!! The ways they could be used are endless!!

  119. brandy dominy says

    I love the options and if I had a little girl it would have to be the mermaid tail :) but I have a little boy and I think he would love the starry night silk ….. what great products!

  120. Sheree says

    We just received a gift of 6 rainbow colored silk hankies for my toddler — he LOVES them. We would love a set of full sized silks.

  121. says

    I would LOVE a set of playsilks for the parent/child “Creative 2s” class I’m teaching this fall! nothing is more important than imaginative play.

  122. Chelsea says

    They are all so beautiful! I would load up on mini-playsilks for my one year old. There is a full set of regular playsilks at our dance class. Sweet pea loves them. They are just too big for her so I think the mini-playsilks would be perfect.

  123. Lisa F. says

    Oh, how on earth to decide? I think I’d get the Skytails, Rainbow string games, and we’ve needed the playclips for years!

  124. Sasha M says

    I already have something in mind: we would love to add the unicorn costume to our box of dress up things!

  125. Tatum says

    gorgeous! They make me want to play right now. I’m (almost) tempted to get my son up early from naptime :)

  126. [email protected] says

    Would buy a handful of the larger silks for my classroom. A wonderful open ended prop for imaginative play and what gorgeous colors!

  127. [email protected] says

    These would be a great addition to out preschool…Let the children’s imaginations run wild.

  128. Jennifer A says

    I love everything on her site! My kids have 3 hand dyed playsilks that are very tattered that I made for them 4 years ago that they play with everyday. As I type 3 of my 4 kids are playing with the silks right now. My 4 1/2 yr old daughter is pretending the playsilk is her hair and my younger daughter is runnning around with it as a cape and my son is just throwing it up in the air ant catching it. I would love to get some more mini silks for my baby and some regular sized ones for my 6,4 1/2 and 2 1/2 year olds. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I am so glad I did I love it!

  129. Morgan says

    My three year old son and I would find endless things to do with these awesome silks!!! We LOVE the rainbow silk and can’t wait to turn it into some sort of flowy boy dress along with the crown!! What an awesome product!

  130. Catherine Chapman says

    Seeing as how we don’t currently have any, I would probably start with the basics and build from there. =)

  131. Jessica says

    The playsilks, crowns and wings have been my kids’ absolute favorite toy…and we would love to pass on the joy and use the gift certificate to purchase a new set of silks for my sister who is expecting her first baby.

  132. michelle says

    sarah’s silks get daily play in our house — they are well loved by everyone! we would love to add one of the mermaid costumes (one from the discontinued colors section) or maybe a silkscape…it’s fun to think about – thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  133. Kay says

    I never imagined such a store existed and am so excited to have found it! The hard part is deciding who I want to indulge!
    I have a 5 yo grandson (whose mother is bipolar) and developmentally delayed 18 yo twin daughters, all of whom I want to give the world!
    Elijah would love the soft swords, knight’s costume and crowns to challenge his 7 yo cousin to combat! lol
    The twins would love the strings and some silks in which to wrap themselves away from the world.
    It would mean the world to indulge these special kids.

  134. Robyn says

    It’s so important for children to ‘pretend’ and ‘dress up’ !! Using their imaginations to play is really crucial to development. I’d love to use a gift certificate to purchase the full sized silks in various colors for my 2 super -sweet
    grand daughters (28 mos and 32 mos) and my playful grandson (6 yrs old) They would have a ball with them ,I am certain!!

  135. aubrie says

    We’d get the fairy wings! And the rainbow playsilk. And the baby blanket. And… I’ll stop :)

  136. Romi says

    Such wonderful magic silks are!
    Thank you for the chance to get a wonderful chance to win a piece of art.

  137. Morgan says

    Se don’t have any play silks! Can you believe it? We do use a child’s cape to do many of the activities listed. But I’d love to use the gift certificate to get a couple small ones and/or one large one that both my little ones could enjoy. Thanks!

  138. Jessica says

    Ooh I love so many, its hard to decide… my girls love to dress up, so I’m drawn to the fairy costume, the veils, and especially the unicorn costume. It’s all so beautiful!

  139. Amanda says

    oh my! it would be hard to decide. I would buy the biggest brightest silk I could find for my ribbon/textile/cape loving boy!

  140. says

    They are so beautiful! And in many ways I can use them in dance and movement and in therapy with adults, children, parents and babies (with special needs too)! The scarf acts as a channel, bonding and love in an unspoken language and dialogue with one another in dance together. With the gift, I could just purchase the Sarah’s Silks and the dance shall commence! <3