Snow Painting Technique for Kids :: Easy and Fun!

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Snow Painting Technique for Kids -- Easy and Fun!

So you say the first day of winter is December 21st? Details, details… We declare it to be winter as soon as the Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten. Maybe even before.

There may not be snow on the ground here in North Carolina yet, but that's nothing a few art supplies and a vivid imagination can't fix. We use our favorite watercolor + salt technique to create snowstorms on paper, build snowmen, and provide the proper atmosphere for our wintry art.

Snow Painting Technique w Watercolors 05

For our most recent winter paintings, we started by drawing with
oil pastels
watercolor paper
. Maia drew a snowman.

Snow Painting Technique w Watercolors 08

Daphne drew an abstract scene using almost every color in the box. And I drew a winter scene with a tree.

Snow Painting Technique w Watercolors 16

Once our drawings were finished, we painted over them with
liquid watercolors
for a watercolor resist and sprinkled coarse kosher salt over the wet paint as we went.

Snow Painting Technique w Watercolors 19

Daphne enjoyed the painting part, but mostly skipped the salt step, except for a couple sprinkles just to join in the fun.

Snow Painting Technique w Watercolors 22

We let our paintings dry overnight, then rubbed off the salt. The salt absorbes the liquid from the watercolor paint, leaving white spots in the painting that look remarkably like snow.

For the most part, anyway.

Snow Painting Watercolor Technique 1

Here's Maia's snowman painting. It rather looks like a snowman under water, rather than a snowman in a snowstorm, doesn't it? Perhaps this was a case of too much paint…

Snow Painting Watercolor Technique 3

Here's my winter scene with tree and rocks during a gentle snowfall…

Snow Painting Watercolor Technique 2

…and Daphne's joyous riot of color (with a few possible snowflakes visible on the right-hand side of the paper).

So tell me… Do you have snow on the ground yet? Or do you have to use your imagination as well?

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  1. Carly says

    I’m in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We’ve had snow for almost a month now. We had a snowstorm a few weeks ago and put all the snow from the driveway and sidewalk into a pile to build a snowhill for the kids to sled down. We also built a roof-less igloo with the chunks of snow produced by the snowplows clearing our street.
    We love filling spray bottles with water and food colouring and painting the snow.

  2. Leticia says

    Yes we sure do have snow! We’ve had more than 12 inches already. (Edmonton). It’s too dry and cold for snowmen, but anyone looking for frostbite is sure to find some.

  3. rosie says

    Well, YOU are an artist too! (Though we ALL are!) Your picture looks three dimensional, Jean! You definitely have a foreground and a background! What do you call the place in the middle??….the middleground??? :>)

  4. Esther says

    This will be good fun to try. It started to snow here yesterday and continuing today. …not much about 3-4 inches