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Drawing Paper Dolls 2

I mentioned recently that Maia has been inspired artistically by her paper doll notecards and thought I'd share a bit more about that now. 

Drawing Paper Dolls 5

I gave her a set of these Paper Doll Parade notecards for Valentine's Day. They are just cute enought and short enough to make writing notes to friends and family easy and fun. That I expected (or at least hoped for).


What I didn't expect is that she would be so inspired by them that she starts drawing them.

A lot.

She's been essentially copying and enlarging the notecard dolls onto poster board to make a much larger size doll. We have five around the house so far. Two from before the notecards came into our lives (you can see the older version here) and three from after.


If I remember correctly, each of these dolls were drawn for Daphne with Daphne watching on as her doll got created.


(And participating as well to some extent—those are Daphne's scribbles on the dress and around the sides.)

I could talk about copying and finding inspiration around us and how Maia is incorporating these images into her art and style, at least currently, but I have a plane to catch.


I'm heading to Florida to visit one of my favorite people—my Grandma!

I have so many fond memories of visiting her as a kid and over the years. She's an artist and used to take me along with her to art league meetings to sketch and paint outdoors and in. (You can see photos of us together in my interview at Peas & Carrots Studio and in my interview at Kids Activities Blog.) My mom is flying out from Oregon, too, to visit at Grandma's and then to come up to North Carolina with me. So, so happy!

Question for you… Do your kids copy images around them?

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  1. says

    I used to spend hours making my own paper dolls as a kid and somehow I had forgotten all about that until seeing this morning’s post. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Love how your girls created their own.
    And Congratulations on the Book! I remember when you were first starting to blog…kudos on all of your hard work and for including us on your journey!

  2. Molly says

    Have a great time! I was just writing down some memories of my grandma and they involved lots of creativity. I think that seeing parents/grandparents/role models probably gives us freedom and confidence to explore art, which is a huge reason I think your book is going to be so great for parents everywhere. :) And on your question of copying, yes my kids find things to copy. E copies a particular giraffe she saw somewhere with a boxy shape. H has used some of those Ed Emberly books at drawing time in school. I love it that Maia is enlarging what she sees – she seems to have a good sense (lot of practice?) of spacial perception.

  3. Carly says

    Lately the kids have been asking to look up an image on Google Images, then copy them onto a picture. My six year old likes making books, so she’s pick a story subject, then use the Google Image pictures as inspiration for a story.
    Also, we’re totally making paper dolls this weekend!

  4. jessica says

    im really looking into doing more art and crafts with my 3 amazing children and im not a mother who knows a lot about arts and crafts so we just draw cut paste and buy things and put it together with a glue well I seen this and wat a wonderful idea my children love it now they will not stop making little people its so cute and so much fun love the hole idea :)