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Birthday Party Printables for Kids to Decorate

by Jean Van't Hul
January 21, 2015

  Happy Birthday to The Artful Parent pink

This not-so-little-anymore blog of mine is seven years old today!

I started The Artful Parent in January 2008.

Although my post on how to start a childrens art group is from 1999.

Just joking!

1999 was the year I graduated from college. It was actually some time in 2008 that I wrote that post, but in one of my blog migrations it got dated 1999 somehow!

Okay, on to more serious stuff

Free Birthday Party Printables for Kids to Decorate

Do I have to be serious on a blog’s birthday? Maybe not.

Let’s all sing the Happy Birthday song…

(I was going to take a video of myself singing happy birthday but then I decided to spare us all.)

However! I do have a birthday cake to share as well as cupcakes and balloons!

Here you go ::

Free Birthday Party Printables

Birthday party printables for you and your family!*

Click the image or the link above to download or print them out.

Then decorate with drawings, paint, collage, or even playdough!

(The printables were made with kids in mind, but don’t let that hold you back if you want to decorate some yourself!)

I would love to see the decorated birthday cakes and such, so if you feel so inclined, please snap a photo with your phone and share it on my facebook page (or post it on your own blog and include a link in the comments here).

Okay, now that you’ve eaten your cake, I’m standing up and tapping my glass and want to say a few words before we all head out to the dance floor—because we’re definitely having some dancing at this party! (It was either that or roller skating and I wasn’t sure if you all knew how to roller skate…)

Tap. Tap. Tap. (Clears throat.)

Thank you all for coming to The Artful Parent’s birthday party! I am so glad you could come!

As you all know, The Artful Parent is 7 years old today. So exciting! I remember when this blog was just born! I didn’t know what she would look like or how she would do in this world. But now that she’s 7, she’s developing a real personality. She especially enjoys sharing easy and fun art activities and ideas with kids and families everywhere. 

The Artful Parent even has two books to help share the message of art and creativity! One on kids’ art that’s been out for almost two years. One on celebrating the seasons and holidays around the year which is coming out soon.

I have to admit I’m pretty proud.

But that’s enough talking! It’s time to dance!

Free Birthday Party Printables for Kids to Decorate And make sure to come say goodbye (if you’re a hugger, I’ll give you a hug) and take some balloons when you leave…

These are special wishing balloons.

As you can see on the balloons, you can draw or write one or more wishes—perhaps related to art and creativity. These could be wishes for yourself, wishes for The Artful Parent, or wishes for the world—it’s up to you!

If you like, you could pretend you are one of the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty bestowing their wishes upon the baby.

What creative gifts would you wish for the world?

Once you write or draw your wishes on the balloon, release the wishes into the world. (Again, feel free to share pics on my facebook page or links in the comments here…)

Thanks for coming the The Artful Parent’s birthday party!


*And a big, big thank you to Kate Fairlie of Picklebums for creating these printables for us!

(If you aren’t familiar with her line of fun kids’ printables (all free!) on Picklebums, make sure to check them out. I highly recommend them. We especially enjoy her playdough people printables in our home. In fact, all of her playdough mats are pretty awesome.)

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