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Drawing People from Around the World with New Skin Tone Pencils (+ FREE PRINTABLE)

by Jean Van't Hul
June 20, 2019

Drawing people from around the world just became easier for kids thanks to new World Colors skin tone pencils. Here’s a demo of these new colored pencils for children plus a FREE PRINTABLE for drawing faces, facial expressions, & people in general!

DIY Face Stickers as Drawing Prompts for Kids - with Faber Castell World Colors skin tone pencils

You know how when you were a kid and you had to choose between the standard issue yellow and white and brown and pink for skin tone when drawing people? And it was never quite the right color but it was what it was so you just went with it?

Well, no longer, my friends. No longer.

I am excited to partner with Faber-Castell to share their new World Colors line of colored pencils with you.

This post is sponsored by Faber-Castell and I received their World Colors colored pencils for free in order to review and write about them.

Faber-Castell’s New Skin Tone Pencils

The World Colors set of Colored EcoPencils by Faber-Castell is awesome. It includes a rainbow of colors but it also includes 6 different skin tones (as 3 double-sided pencils) that can be layered and combined for a multitude of different skin colors. So basically, no matter your skin tone or the skin tones of the people you’re drawing, they have you covered.

Multicultural flesh tones colored by World Colors skin tone pencils by Faber-Castell

There are so many combinations and possibilities!

As I said, pretty freakin’ awesome!

Drawing Faces with the new skin tone pencils by Faber-Castell

The World Colors EcoPencils comes in sets of 15 and in sets of 27. Plenty of colors for anything you want to draw, people wise or otherwise.

Today, the kids and I are going to demo the World Colors colored pencils and give you a Draw the Faces printable so you can do the same and draw and color people in all the beautiful colors we come in.

First, here’s a video demonstration of the colored pencils in action (with the draw the faces printable):

And here’s the free printable, plus ideas for how to use it:

Drawing People From Around the World (+A Printable for Kids)

Draw the Faces Printable - The Artful Parent

CLICK HERE for the faces drawing prompt!

The faces are blank because I like to offer them as “invitations to draw” that allow your kids to get creative and add their own details and facial expressions. Every kid will use it differently each time so you can come back to this drawing prompt again and again.

You can even print the blank faces out on sticker paper, as we did this time, and turn them into sticker drawing prompts!

Face Drawing Prompts

Here, Daphne’s cutting out the faces of the people she drew from around the world.

Using a DIY Face Sticker as a drawing prompt - Drawn by kid with World Colors skin tone pencils

And using them as drawing prompts.

DIY Face Stickers used as Drawing Prompts for Kids - with World Colors skin tone pencils

Simply press the DIY sticker faces to paper and then draw the people’s bodies and clothing. (Or, if you printed this on regular paper, you can glue the cut-out faces to your paper.)

World Colors skin tone pencils by Faber-Castell

So pick up a set of World Colors colored pencils by Faber-Castell*, print out a few copies of the Draw the Faces printable, and draw people in all the colors of the world!

Where to Buy World Colors 

You can buy Faber-Castell’s World Colors colored pencils online on Amazon and on the Faber-Castell shop. You can also find Faber-Castell’s children’s art supplies at toy stores and other retail locations.

A big thank you to Faber-Castell for sponsoring this post and sending me their World Colors colored pencils to try out and review.

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Drawing people from around the world just became easier for kids thanks to new World Colors skin tone pencils. Here's a demo + a free printable for kids! #kidsart #kidsdrawing #sponsored #printable #coloringpages

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