DIY Fairy Wands :: Made with Melted Pony Beads!

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DIY Fairy Wands with Melted Pony Beads 2

We have a four year old in the house!

Daphne celebrated her 4th birthday on Saturday with her fairy and princess friends. I will show some birthday pics soon, but today wanted to share the melted bead fairy wands we made for the party.

They were easy to make and such big hit with the girls!

Here’s how to make these melted bead fairy wands…

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DIY Melted Bead Fairy Wand


1. Place cookie cutters on foil-covered baking sheet and fill stars with pony beads in the colors of your choice. (Daphne and Maia both helped me with this step for the first couple rounds of stars but lost interest when I got into production mode to make enough for the party.)

2.  Cook for 5-10 minutes at 400-450 degrees F. I use an electric grill but a toaster oven outside works well also. The time depends on the size of the stars and the temperature. I set my timer for 5 minutes and then check it frequently after that. You want to take them off when the beads are completely melted and flat (ideally) but don’t let it get too hot and start to bubble.

Note: The fumes from melting plastic are not good to breathe, which is why we do the melting on the grill outside. If you decide to do it inside, make sure to ventilate well.

3. Remove from heat and let cool completely.

DIY Melted Bead Fairy Wand

4. Look through the cooled suncatchers, if you like, then pop the stars out of the cookie cutters.

DIY Melted Bead Fairy Wand

5. Use a hot glue gun to attach the wooden dowels to the backs of the stars.

DIY Melted Bead Fairy Wand

Hold up to the light. Isn’t the wand pretty?

I was planning to stop here, but then decided to add a little extra bling with some acrylic “jewels” I had bought for decorating party crowns.

DIY Melted Bead Fairy Wand

Daphne and Maia went gaga over the jewels and took over this step completely.


First they sorted the jewels by color.

DIY Melted Bead Fairy Wand

Then chose the ideal jewel for the center of each fairy wand.

DIY Melted Bead Fairy Wand

7. Glue acrylic jewels to the center of wand stars with hot glue gun (I did this step).

DIY Melted Bead Fairy Wands!

Admire your lovely new diy fairy wands!

Melted Bead Fairy Wands

Maia passed the wands out at the end of Daphne’s party.

DIY Melted Bead Fairy Wand

Each princess and fairy left the birthday party with a crown they had decorated (like these crowns but with jewels and glitter instead of flowers) and a colorful fairy wand.

The Princess is 4! (and a DIY Melted Bead Fairy Wand)

The wands are so easy and so pretty that I’m still making them even though the party is over! Maybe I’ll sell some at the fall school fundraiser…

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DIY Fairy Wands with plastic pony beads

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  1. earleyml says

    So cute! You could even add some ribbon to them. I’ll have to remember this for later in the spring when the girls have a prince/princess day at daycare. Maybe I’ll make a few extra for their classes.
    Oh I mentioned in another post about buying pony beans with coupons. I got 2 1lb bags for $5.99. I thought that was a pretty good deal. Now we are all stocked up for making cool projects. Going to start our pumpkin one tonight. YAY!

  2. says

    These are just perfect for this type of party–what a great idea for a fun project for (cool) party favors. She looks like such a little birthday queen!
    Sarah M

  3. gidgets bookworms says

    so much fun and so affordable also!
    Happy birthday, can’t believe she is 4 in a few years she is going to be a kindergartener! Wow where does the time go.

  4. Nancy says

    Happy Birthday Daphne! It looks like you had a very special day. It also looks like Mom is having a lot of fun with this technique. Are Christmas tree decorations up next?

  5. Kel says

    These are amazing! Have you tried to swirl the plastic while it’s still hot to create even more patterns? I might have to try this once the weather gets warmer, not sure what below zero temps would do…

  6. says

    Love it … I wish I had a little girl :) I just sent it as an idea for a friends fairy themed birthday party!