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How to Make DIY Fairy Wings for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
March 1, 2022
fairy wings featured image

Make DIY fairy wings in this easy upcycle project using contact paper and flower petals. A great summer craft project for any flower fairy!

Updated April 2022

Do you have an old set of fairy or butterfly wings laying around the house? Chances are you have a set or two, if you have kids who love to play dress up! And chances are they’re torn, as the nylon wing material rips so easily!

Well, you can repurpose your wings in just a few easy steps! We used contact paper and flower petals to upcycle a pair of our torn fairy wings. Aren’t they beautiful?

DIY Fairy Wings for Kids



  1. Prep your wings

    First remove the fabric and leave only the wire frame and arm bands.

    Childrens fairy wings - wire fairy wing frame

  2. Add contact paper

    Then trim a piece of contact paper to fit each wing segment. Peel off the paper backing and lay the wire frame on top of it. Cut around the edges and leave approximately an extra ½ inch border.

    Now fold the extra border over the wire frame and repeat this step until each wing segment is covered with contact paper.

    Childrens fairy wings - contact paper on wire frame

  3. Collect flowers!

    Next, collect flowers from your yard, park or store-bought bouquet. Leaves and transparent tissue paper pieces are great options too!

  4. Add flowers to your wings

    Begin to arrange the flower blossoms on the contact paper (sticky side up).

    Cover your fairy wings with flower petals until you like how they look!

  5. Cover your design

    Afterwards, lay a section of contact paper over the flowers (sticky side down). Use your hands to press and smooth the contact paper to the edges. Trim the paper so it is flush with the edges.

    Repeat with each of the remaining wing segments.

At last, let your flower fairy try the wings on!

Childrens fairy wings - upcycle suncatcher fairy wings
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

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How to Make DIY Fairy Wings for Kids

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