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How to Make Flower Fairy Dolls

by Jean Van't Hul
February 28, 2022
flower fairy dolls

How to make flower fairy dolls from wooden clothespins and artificial flowers. This is a fun flower craft for kids and families!

Updated June 2022

If you have kids at home who love fairies and making fairy houses, they will LOVE this flower craft!

Make flower fairy dolls using wooden clothespins and artificial flowers. So easy but so fun! And your kids will love playing with the fairies after they make them.

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How to Make Flower Fairy Dolls



  1. Give your fairy a face and hair

    Draw a face and hair on your clothespin with a marker.

    Drawing a Face on a Flower Fairy Peg Doll

  2. Add a skirt

    Cut a hole in the center of an artificial flower, so that you can slip it over the doll as a skirt.

    Artificial flowers are great for this because they have structure to hold their shape. And because the edges are finished and won’t fray. No need to sew.

    Adding a Skirt to the Flower Fairy Dolls

    Add a ring of hot glue at the waist then slip the skirt up (or down) so the “waistband” connects with the glue.

    A flower petal skirt for the flower fairy doll

    You can add additional flower petal layers, either the entire flower petals or cut off individual petals or parts of petals, to design your flower fairy clothes as you like.

  3. Add a bodice

    Then add a bodice to your flower fairy’s dress. You can do this with a flower petal (or section of a flower petal) wrapped around the torso and secured with hot glue or with fabric tape.

    How to Make Flower Fairy Dolls

  4. Add wings to your fairy

    Glue flower petals wings on to the back of the flower fairies.

    Use Artificial Flower Petals to Make Flower Fairy Dolls

  5. Add details

    If you’d like, you can add a flower headdress, crown, hat, or hair by gluing small flowers to the head. Or beads, sequins, stamens from your artificial flowers, etc.

  6. Optional: make a stand for your fairy

    If you want your flower fairies to stand up, you can make stands for them with air dry clay. Simply roll a one-inch ball of air dry clay, smush it slightly, and press the fairies feet firmly into the clay. Let dry for a day or two.

    How to Make Flower Fairy Dolls

Now you’re ready to play with your new flower fairy dolls!

Flower Fairy Dolls in the Wooden Castle
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

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