Glitter Leaves :: Simply Beautiful Autumn Leaf Crafts for Kids

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Glitter Leaves -- A simple and beautiful Autumn leaf craft for kids and adults alike!

The other day we continued our round of autumn leaf crafts for kids with our much-anticipated annual leaf doodles. I brought the glitter to the table, too. Just because. And ended up making beautiful glitter leaves in addition to our now-traditional doodle leaves.

We each approached the materials and activity differently, which is always interesting for me to observe.

Here’s how we made these glitter leaves…



Glitter leaf craft with Autumn leaves

Maia stood firm with her use of the metallic Sharpies on the pressed leaves and resisted the glitter temptation completely.

Glitter leaf craft with Autumn leaves

Her friend Isabella added a few select glitter highlights to her intricate vein pattern made with the white paint pen.

Leaf Peepers Fall Craft for Kids

Daphne traced her Autumn leaves onto paper and added a bit of everything—metallic Sharpie drawings, glue, glitter, and googly eyes (inspiring all of us to make leaf peepers).

Glitter leaf craft with Autumn leaves

I decided to trace the main leaf veins with glue, then sprinkled on glitter.

Glitter leaf craft with Autumn leaves

After shaking off the excess glitter, I admired the result, then proceeded to do the same to several more leaves.

Glitter leaf craft with Autumn leaves

Mostly I stuck to Autumnal colors and tried those that I thought would look especially nice with the colors of the leaves.

Glitter leaf craft with Autumn leaves

I think they are simply beautiful! Wouldn’t they make a lovely leaf garland?

The extra fine glitter, which you can see on the oak leaf in the center, worked the best, but the regular glitter worked well, too.

Glitter leaf craft with Autumn leaves

The glitter leaves joined the leaf doodles, leaf peepers, and well-poked jack-o’-lantern as a fall centerpiece on our dining table. (Maybe we’ll make a garland with them next time…)

We are LOVING all these autumn leaf crafts for kids!

P.S. While I am of the “embrace glitter” camp, I know some of you cringe at the idea of your kids using it and worry about it getting all over the place. So I wanted to propose glitter glue as an alternative. I haven’t tried it on leaves, but think it would work fine. If you try the glitter glue, let me know how it works!

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  1. says

    Ditto kort. I set up a tray for the art shelf in my Montessori classroom today, thanks to your inspiration :) Glitter glue, markers, and a basket of leaves. The children loved it, and the glitter glue worked beautifully! They’ve been learning the names of the parts of the leaf, too, so this was a great way to bring that knowledge into some creative work – they loved tracing the midrib, veins, and margin of their leaves with glitter glue … and just putting it wherever struck their fancy.

  2. kathy M. Snyder Barton says

    These are great ways to engage anyone in a sense of creativity and with the changes of seasons in parts of the world.