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How to Make Halloween Skeleton Art for Kids with Tape Resist

by Jean Van't Hul
August 1, 2021
Tape resist skeleton featured image

If you’re looking for fun Halloween skeleton art for kids, try this full-sized tape resist painting using their own body tracing.

Updated September 2021

We’ve been trying to come up with more fun, age-appropriate Halloween art ideas for kids and we think these skeleton paintings are a really great one.

You can make full-sized tape resist skeleton paintings and hang them up as spooky, cool Halloween decor!

The process was fun but not without its faults—we have some refining to do next time around.

tape resist skeleton

How To Make Tape Resist Skeleton Paintings

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  1. Trace a person

    First, take turns tracing each other onto the butcher paper.

    Tape Resist Skeleton Paintings – tracing child

  2. Add bones with tape

    Then work together to add pieces of blue painters tape for the bones.

    As you can see, for this project we referred to our much-loved copy of See Inside Your Body by Katie Daynes.

    Tape Resist Skeleton Paintings – place tape

  3. Paint over skeleton

    Once the tape bones are in place, paint over the whole skeleton (and as much of the paper as you’d like) with black paint (tempera or BioColor paint work great).

    Tape Resist Skeleton Paintings – paint over skeletons

  4. Let dry and remove tape

    Once your paint is completely dry, remove the tape from your skeleton.

    Tape Resist Skeleton Paintings – Remove tape when dry

    Note: This step can actually be trickier than it sounds. If the tape rips the paper, you can go back and glue any loose pieces back down.

    Tape Resist Skeleton Paintings –  ripped skeleton pieces

Don’t these skeletons look great?

You could also this on an old white sheet—maybe with watered down acrylic paint.

Tape Resist Skeleton Paintings – hanging on wall

And besides making spooky, cool Halloween decor, the tape resist skeletons are a good way for kids to learn about the bones inside their body. And as Halloween art ideas for kids go, this one is pretty awesome.

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How to Make Halloween Skeleton Art for Kids with Tape Resist

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