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How to Make A Spider Web Craft with Coffee Filters

by Jean Van't Hul
July 9, 2022
coffee filter spider web featured image

This Halloween spider web craft is a favorite DIY Halloween decoration. Easy to make with coffee filters and just a tad spooky!

Updated August 2022

Okay folks. We have more spider web crafts we’ve been working on to get into the Halloween spirit, and decorate our homes.

Coffee filter spider webs and little felt spiders!

These are inspired by the coffee filter snowflakes we’ve made before, as well as the coffee filter hearts we’ve decorated our windows with around Valentine’s Day.

Coffee filters are perfect for this sort of scissor craft because they are thin without being flimsy, making it easier for kids to cut through multiple layers.

Plus they are already round. And somewhat transparent, making them great for window decoration.

spider web pin graphic
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Halloween Spider Web Craft


Note: These are so easy, you probably don’t need any how-to instruction. But here are a few different ways we made these spider webs.


  1. Fold your coffee filter

    Before you start cutting, fold up your coffee filter in half, and then in half again, and continue until you have a skinny triangle.

  2. Make your cuts

    The easiest of all: just make a series of “V” cuts down one side of the folded coffee filter.

    Cut coffee filters and finished spider web craft

    The next easiest: basically cutting rectangles along one side of the folded coffee filter.

    Cut coffee filters and finished spider web craft

    And last we made the rectangular cuts along both sides (FYI this one is made from a larger piece of white tissue paper, rather than a coffee filter).

    Cut coffee filters and finished spider web craft

  3. Hang your webs

    Glue your coffee filter spider webs to the window with a few strategic dabs from a glue stick (it washes off easily when it’s time to take them down).

  4. Add spiders!

    Cut out a few tiny spiders from black felt (or black construction paper) and glue them to your webs!

    How to Cut a Spider from Felt

We just love the way these look in our window! So spooky!

coffee filter web

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How to Make A Spider Web Craft with Coffee Filters

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