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Using Open-Ended Stamp Sets for Kids

by The Artful Parent Editorial Team
April 29, 2024
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Try open-ended stamp sets that allow kids (and adults) to build any number of scenes with a variety of simple rubber stamps.

Updated May 2024

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If you haven’t tried open-ended stamp sets, we highly recommend them. Our founder, Jean, wrote about the Stampville set back in 2018, and we recently gave them a try.

They were even more fun than we thought they’d be! They are unique in that they can be used in a totally open-ended way, to build any variety of houses, buildings, cities, landscapes, and even cool abstractions.

We also tried an ocean version to create our own sea scenes! We have continued to come back to these stamps over and over again and have already put the bug version and the garden version on our wish lists!

open ended stamps pin
Photo by Andrea Martelle

You know we love open-ended, process art here at the Artful Parent. We feel that these stamps embody that philosophy and give kids the opportunity to create unique art.

Using Open-Ended Stamp Sets for Kids



  1. Set out supplies

    We like to set out supplies like this as an invitation to create, so kids can explore and make art as they get inspired.

    We also like to put easel or kraft paper down, in case anyone gets carried away stamping!

    sea stamp set

  2. Stamp away!

    Our kids had a blast exploring both sets of stamps. We did one at a time on different days.

    The sets come with a small two-color stamp pad, but we also used our big six-color one for added colors.

    sea stamp set

  3. Using the Stampville set

    You can use the individual stamps in different combinations to create different houses or scenes.

    Basically, we just played around with the stamps and experimented with different ways of making houses, buildings, trees, suns, fences, towers, robots, and abstractions.


  4. Using the Sea Stamps set

    These stamps feature different fish shapes, ocean creatures, plants, and fun details like mermaid scales.

    We had lots of fun creating ocean scenes and kept adding more and more details as we found new ways to use the stamps.

    ocean stamp scene

We really like how you can use individual stamp components in different ways depending on what you are trying to do.  What do you think? Pretty cool, huh?

We love open-ended stamp sets. We highly recommend them as a creative art material that can be used in a variety of ways.

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