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How to Do a Baking Soda Experiment with Kids

by Rachel Withers
August 23, 2023

Try this classic, hands-on learning activity combining science and art. Baking soda and vinegar are an easy science experiments for kids.

Updated June 2023

Periodically I find myself remembering that so often with kids art, simple is often best. This is especially true with young kids as too many choices can often overwhelm and distract kids.

So today I thought we’d return to an oldie but a goodie: baking soda & vinegar experiments.

Watercolor paints and baking soda & vinegar
Photo by Rachel Withers

We come back to this simple science experiment for kids again and again. Most of the time I set this up as a simple color mixing activity by coloring the vinegar. The colors mix together and fizz as we all happily watch new colors emerge.

I love this project for its combination of art and science. Plus, it is SO simple to set up. And of course, there are many different options for expanding upon this like erupting playdough volcanoes or a sparkly fizzy potion.

How to Do a Baking Soda Experiment_pin

Baking Soda Experiment

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  1. Setup

    First mix the white vinegar and liquid watercolors in clear jars, then add pipettes. Next, spread a layer of baking soda on a tray or cake pan. You might also want to put it in a jar or a container that will erupt as it reacts.

  2. Squeeze, let go, squirt!

    This is the fun part! My kids are little so we practice the fine motor motion of squeezing with the pipette, letting go so the vinegar solution gets sucked up, and then squirting it into the tray of baking soda.

    Toddlers will likely need help with this and then want to try it on their own. In time, with practice, they’ll get it!

    Child squeezing pipettes with colored vinegar and baking soda in tray

  3. Fun add ons

    If you like, you can set out flower petals, beads, glitter, anything to keep the activity going!

    baking soda volcano

I hope you give this activity a try. There’s a reason it’s been around so long! And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram #theartfulparent so we can see your art in action!

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How to Do a Baking Soda Experiment_pin
How to Do a Baking Soda Experiment with Kids

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