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Display Kids Art on a Poster

by Jean Van't Hul
January 20, 2016

Display Kids Art with a Collage Poster

Do you have piles of kids’ art coming out of your ears?

I do. I imagine you do, too.

I’ve written about organizing and storing art here since early 2008. I display kids art on the wall and have since day one. Yet I still have art piles to contend with.

We all do, right?

Last year I made a New Year’s resolution to get and stay more organized with the kids’ artworks, but life happened and the organization didn’t so much.

So I’m beginning again this year.

I’m pretty happy with the start I’ve made so far. I created posters to highlight my daughters’ art using a service provided by Itsy Art.

Thank you to Itsy Art for sponsoring this blog post! As always all opinions expressed are my own.

Display Kids Art with a Collage Poster by Itsy Art

Display Kids Art on a Poster 

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I’ve long been attracted to the idea of creating a poster of my children’s artworks, so when Itsy Art contacted me about trying out their service and writing about it here, it was a no brainer. I said, of course!

First I chose which kids’ art display poster I liked best (they have several options including the basic collage with and without the child’s name, a state, US map, name and fingerprint art, and calendars). I picked the one called Kids’ Art Focus. I like the one with the name and year, too, but knew that I’d have artwork spanning a couple of years.

Daphnes Artwork Selection

The next step was to select a dozen artworks for each child’s poster.

Maias Artwork Selection

I involved Maia and Daphne in the selection of their own art for these posters, because they are of the age where they are opinionated about which of their artworks they like and don’t like and I was planning to hang the posters above their beds (as well as share them in a blog post).

If you have a toddler or preschooler, you could probably make the selection yourself just fine.

Or, if you want to involve your child but make the process a bit quicker and attempt more control, make the initial selection and then solicit feedback. “I thought these twelve artworks were wonderful representations of your art making over the past year and wanted to make a poster out of them. Is there anything you would add or take out?”

I took photos of each of the artworks (Itsy Art has some basic tips on photographing your child’s art, if you need them) and uploaded the digital files to the Itsy Art website.

The folks at Itsy Art took the photos, cropped each into a square to fit their format, and arranged them into the collage poster, then sent me proofs to review.

Screenshot of Poster Changes Requested

For Maia’s poster, I had them alter the cropping of a couple of the artworks. For Daphne’s, I approved the poster as it was.

I received a 2nd proof of Maia’s and was totally happy with it and hit approve.

Itsy Art Collage Posters Arriving in the Mail

Itsy Art printed the posters and they arrived on my doorstep in sturdy cardboard tubes.

They were very well wrapped for safe delivery.

And the overall quality of the posters is excellent. The paper is thick and satin-ny—gorgeous to the eye and to the touch.

Display Kids Art on a Poster

Itsy Art did a great job with the color reproduction of the artworks, too.

A very few of the reproductions are slightly more saturated in color than the originals, but in those instances I noticed it in the original proof I was sent and could have requested that they change it but didn’t. (Sometimes a little extra saturation is appealing.)

Display Kids Art with a Collage Poster by Itsy Art

The posters look great! And what a fun way to highlight and display kids art!

Kids Art Posters Above Beds in Kids Room

I found frames at Michael’s (a two for one deal as the big craft stores often have in the frame section) and hung the newly framed posters above the kids’ beds.

Display Kids Art on a Poster

They were so excited to see them!

We were all pleased with how the posters turned out.

If you’d like to order posters of your children’s artwork as a display and organization tactic or as a gift, I recommend giving Itsy Art a try.

You can see their kids’ collage poster options here.

Or read more about how it all works here.

Display Kids Art with a Collage Poster - Shown framed and hung over child's bed

This blog post is sponsored by Itsy Art; as always all opinions expressed are my own.

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