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Display Kids’ Artwork on a Poster

by Jean Van't Hul
March 1, 2022
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Display kids artwork on a poster with these modern collages. They showcase a selection of your child’s artwork in one special place.

Updated November 2021

We’ve written about organizing and storing art, as well as our favorite ways to display art. And yet we still have art piles everywhere!

We all do, right?

As much as we all try to get and stay more organized with the kids’ artworks, life happens and organization doesn’t always follow suit.

That’s why we are so happy to write about a service provided by Itsy Art.

We’ve long been attracted to the idea of creating a poster of our children’s artworks, so when Itsy Art contacted us about trying out their service and writing about it here, it was a no brainer.

Thank you to Itsy Art for sponsoring this blog post! As always all opinions expressed are my own.

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Display Kids’ Artwork

First, choose which kids’ art display poster you like best (they have several options including the basic collage with and without the child’s name, a state, US map, name and fingerprint art, and calendars). The one used here is called Kids’ Art Focus.

The next step is to select a dozen artworks for each child’s poster.

It’s a great idea to involve your older children in the selection of their own art for these posters – they will probably have opinions and favorites!

If you have a toddler or preschooler, you could probably make the selection yourself just fine.

Or, if you want to involve your child but make the process a bit quicker and attempt more control, make the initial selection and then solicit feedback.

Display Kids Art with a Collage Poster by Itsy Art

Then, take photos of each of the pieces of artwork (Itsy Art has some basic tips on photographing your child’s art, if you need them) and upload the digital files to the Itsy Art website.

Then Itsy Art takes the photos, crops each into a square to fit their format, and arranges them into a collage poster. Finally, they send you proofs to review.

Itsy Art prints the posters and they arrive in sturdy cardboard tubes, very well wrapped for safe delivery.

Display Kids Art on a Poster

The overall quality of the posters is excellent. The paper is thick and satiny – gorgeous to the eye and to the touch. The images are bright and vibrant.

The posters look great! And what a fun way to highlight and display kids art!

Use any frame you like and hang your new artwork in a special spot!

Posters Above Beds in Room

Kids are always so excited to see their artwork displayed.

If you’d like to order posters of your children’s artwork as a display and organization tactic or as a gift, we recommend giving Itsy Art a try.

This blog post is sponsored by Itsy Art; as always all opinions expressed are my own.

More Ways to Display Kids’ Artwork

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Display Kids\' Artwork on a Poster

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