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How to Do Scribble Art

by Jean Van't Hul
December 26, 2022

Try scribble art for a relaxing art activity that has beautiful results. A great process art activity for kids of all ages to create together on a small or large scale!

Updated November 2022

Have you tried scribble art? It is fun, simple, abstract, and even meditative. Almost like zentangle art in painting form.

We like to set this art invitation up when we have family visiting. It is a great way for cousins to connect over art, no matter what age. We’ve done it with kids as young as 3 and as old as 11, and everything in between!

scribble art pin
Photo by Rachel Withers

Scribble Art for Kids

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(Note: We did this on regular-sized (9 x 12 inch) paper the first time. Then we tried a couple of larger ones on poster board.)


  1. Scribble

    Fill your paper with a big scribble drawing of overlapping and intersecting lines and swirls.

  2. Paint

    Paint the sections of your scribble drawing with watercolor paint. So easy!

    scribble art

Take your time with this. You can do it to music or sit and talk together while you do this simple art activity. It truly is simple, yet the process is soothing, and the results are beautiful.

You can also do scribble drawings with markers, crayons, or just about any art materials.

children doing scribble art
Photo by Rachel Withers

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How to Do Scribble Art

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