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How to Make Black Glue Halloween Spider Webs

by Andrea Martelle
October 18, 2023
halloween black glue featured

Make a Halloween spider web with black glue and watercolors. Draw Halloween designs and then paint with watercolors to make spooky stained glass for a fun Halloween art project.

Updated September 2023

Glue resist art is lots of fun. Black glue resist art is also lots of fun. But Halloween black glue resist?! It might be the best!

The black glue pops against the paper, and then the bright watercolors shine through like a real stained-glass window.

This activity lends itself perfectly to Halloween, so you can make spiderwebs, jack-o’-lanterns, cats, bats, or any of your favorite spooky creatures!

halloween spider web pin
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Black Glue Halloween Spider Webs


* If you don’t want to make black glue, you could also use regular glue and it will still be a super fun watercolor-resist art activity


  1. Make your black glue

    Add black paint to your bottle of glue and shake until the paint is completely mixed in and the glue is black.

    making black glue

  2. Draw your designs

    Squeeze the black glue onto the paper or cardboard into a design.

    making designs with black glue

    We did spiderwebs, jack-o’-lanterns and a couple of cats!

    black glue spiderwebs

  3. Let designs dry

    Let your Halloween designs dry completely. Make sure you wait until everything is totally dry! We learned the hard way that if you paint while the glue is still wet, it makes a mess. 

    black glue pumpkin

  4. Add paint!

    Finally, use watercolors to paint your Halloween picture!

    painting spiderweb

    The dried glue prevents the watercolors from mixing and bleeding and creates a cool stained-glass effect.

    painted black glue designs

We had a blast making these black glue designs! My kids each tried their hands at using the glue to draw, but they really loved painting in the white spaces most of all.

The pictures we made are so vibrant! If you try this, you’ve definitely got to try it with neon colors!

halloween art project black glue resist
Photo by Andrea Martelle

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How to Make Black Glue Halloween Spider WebsHow to Make Black Glue Halloween Spider Webs
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