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Playdough Monsters (And Other Fun Ideas with Poke-Ins)

by Jean Van't Hul
October 11, 2013

Wondering what are you going to do with the “small stuff” you have been picking up and collecting from all over your house like buttons, lego parts, beads, pipe cleaners and a lot more? Use them on these playdough monsters that are fun and simple sensory activity for kids!

Playdough Monsters

We made a new batch of glittery playdough the other day, packaged half of it up with a few fun poke-ins (googly eyes, pipe cleaner sections, feathers, etc) to give to a friend who was turning 4, then set to work creating monsters and more with our half.

Playdough Monsters 09

Daphne’s monsters were masterpieces of scary abstraction.

The kids have made playdough monsters before. It seems to be a favorite, especially around Halloween. And playdough lends itself so well to creating amorphous shapes and poking in extra eyes and appendages.

Playdough Faces with Googly Eyes and Pipe Cleaners

Maia started off making monsters, then made a funny twin boy and girl (same face, different hair)…

Playdough Monsters 15

…and a centipede.

As much as the kids like shaping the playdough with their hands, they seem to like poking things into it even more.

This post contains affiliate links.Here’s a list of their favorite playdough poke-ins:

Playdough Monsters 11

Pipe cleaners are used for everything from antennae and hair to legs, stripes, and (since they bend easily) facial features.

Birthday cakes are often made in our house (doesn’t this one look delicious?!) and so we keep some candles in the playdough drawer.

Playdough Pretend Play 4

But toothpicks work just as well. And are also great for forming hair or porcupine quills.

Playdough Cake 01

Melted bead suncatcher disks are sometimes used as cookies or candy, and here form the center of a flower.

Playdough Pretend Play 1

Beads are treasured for decorating cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. They also make great features for playdough snowmen and gingerbread men.

What is your family’s favorite “poke ins” for playdough?

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Playdough Monsters

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