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How to Make a Heart Doily Shirt

by Jean Van't Hul
January 12, 2011
Heart Shirt

Heart doily printed shirt for Valentine’s Day. You know you want to make one! They are so darn cute and quite easy to make.

Here’s what you need for the heart shirt:

Heart Shirt

How to Print Your Heart Shirt

1. First step… Lay your heart doily right side up on a sheet of newspaper or paper. Have another piece of paper handy nearby.

2. Now pour a small amount of your fabric paint onto a plate (I use an old acrylic box frame) and roll your paint roller around to evenly coat it with paint.

3. Roll your paint-covered roller over the doily, coating it as evenly as possible with the paint. (You could use a paint brush or foam brush for this step, but the paint may not be applied as evenly.)

Heart Shirt

4. Set your doily, paint side down, on the center of your shirt (or wherever you want the heart print).

Heart Shirt

5. Lay that extra piece of paper that you kept handy over the doily and use your hard rubber brayer (or rolling pin or bottle of Chardonnay or whatever) to roll over the paper and doily to transfer the paint evenly to the shirt.

Heart Shirt

6. Lift the paper and doily off to reveal your heart print.

Heart Shirt

7. Let dry 8 hours or overnight.

8. Heat set the paint according to the instructions on the paint bottle. I use an iron for 30 seconds on the back of the fabric.

Heart Shirt

9. Wear and admire your heart shirt!

Heart Shirt

10. Repeat for all the special sweethearts in your life. And maybe make a heart shirt for yourself, too.

UPDATE: Make sure to read about our NEW heart doily t-shirts and revised method!

P.S. I should note that the metallic fabric paint that I used on the brown shirt (Pearlescent Magenta) is problematic for this project. For some reason it made the doily stick to the shirt and it was crazy hard to pull it off. It took a good fifteen minutes and the doily came off in lots of little pieces. The regular red fabric paint, however, was very easy to use and the doily pulled off easily in one piece. Just FYI.

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