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How to Make a DIY Valentine’s Box

by Rachel Withers
December 3, 2022
How to Make a Mailbox for Valentine's Day_Feature

Create your own DIY valentine box this year! Make these Valentine’s Day mailboxes with cardboard, paper hearts & doilies.

Updated December 2022

I remember making mailboxes in third grade for our Valentine’s Day party preparations. It sticks with me because I’ve always loved to create––and any art activity incorporated into the school day is especially memorable to kids.

This memory came to me last year and I decided to try this with my own kids. And although they were rather new to the concept of Valentine’s Day and all. those. hearts––their mom’s enthusiasm more than made up for it. 😉

The great thing about this art activity is you can really use whatever art supplies you have on hand. Here’s how we did it, but go with what is on hand–no need to run to the store!

Once we had our little loveboxes made, I had a moment where I realized, oh wait––I have to fill these! We slipped in a few cards from our family, along with some sweet tarts & valentines of our own.

Happy crafting!

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DIY Valentine Box for Kids



Time needed: 1 hour

  1. Gather your materials

    Find a box that’s big enough to slip cards & special treats leading up to Valentine’s Day. We gathered up all our pink, red and purple paper & drawing supplies. And don’t forget heart stickers & doilies if you have them!

    Materials for loveboxes for valentine's day mailbox

  2. Cover box with colored paper

    We started off by covering our box on all sides with our colored cardstock. We used glue, but tape also works!

  3. Add paper hearts

    Cut out paper hearts in all sizes to add to your love box. Layer them in different sizes on top of each other or sprinkle them all over the sides of the box.

    Kids creating valentine's day mailboxes

  4. Decorate box

    Now it’s time to break out the paint sticks, oil pastels & gel crayons (or whatever you have at home) to draw or color your mailbox. After which, kids can add stickers & washi tape.

  5. Let dry

    If you used glue, be sure to let your box dry for a few hours before using (or overnight if you’re like us with a toddler that loves to squeeze glue)!
    mailbox for valentine's day

  6. Fill up your mailbox!

    And lastly, don’t forget to drop special notes, valentines, stickers & treats into your kids’ mailboxes leading up to Valentine’s Day.

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Photo by Rachel Withers

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How to Make a DIY Valentine\'s Box


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