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10 Valentine Craft Ideas to Make from Kids Process Art

by Jean Van't Hul
January 27, 2017

I’m going to share some Valentine craft ideas you can make with your new DIY marbled paper (you’ve been making some, right?) or with most any kids’ process art.

Valentine Crafts - 10 Ways to Repurpose Kids Process Art

This is one way to turn a process art activity, such as the shaving cream marbling we did the other day, into the base for a seasonal or holiday craft, gift, or decoration.

A few other kids’ process art activities that this would work well with, would be:

Marbled Hearts and Valentines Day Ideas

This time we started with shaving cream marbling and then used the beautiful marbled paper to make a slew of Valentine crafts, including cards, notebooks, and garlands.

Here’s how…

10 Valentine Craft Ideas from Process Art

First, we punched hearts out of our marbled paper with a new 2-inch paper heart punch that I bought at the craft store (AC Moore) the other day. (I am linking to a similar one on Amazon so you can see the details and in case you want to order one.)

You can also cut hearts (or any shape) from your artwork freehand or with a heart template, of course, which is what we’ve done in the past.

Marbled Hearts with Paper Punch

But we’ve sure been having fun with our new paper heart punch!

Now that you have some hearts cut out from your process art, it’s time to get started on your Valentine craft ideas! We’ll be using these hearts for cards, notebooks, gifts, and garlands!

#1. Valentine’s Day Cards

Sew Paper Heart onto Blank Card for Valentines Day

Paste or sew your heart art onto blank cards or onto card stock to make easy Valentine’s Day cards. Add a note, such as “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “I Love You” or “Be Mine” and sign your card.

Daphne Sewing Hearts onto Valentines Day Cards
Daphne sewing paper hearts onto her Valentine’s Day cards.

Daphne, my 7 year old, is really into this idea and has been sewing paper heart after paper heart onto blank cards for her classmates.

Marbled Heart Cards for Valentines Day

Some have one heart, but many have multiple hearts.

We used hearts this time, but you can make your own cards from most any child’s artwork by just folding them over or pasting a small section onto a blank card (as with these thank you cards I made of Maia’s art when she was a toddler).

#2. DIY Notebooks with Marbled Paper

DIY Notebooks for Valentines Day with Marbled Paper

You can also make simple notebooks with the marbled paper.

We’ve actually made similar DIY notebooks with marbled paper in the past and sent them to the grandmas as Mother’s Day gifts. I was reminded of this when my mom brought hers with her on her recent visit and asked for a paper refill. It was nice to see that it was loved and used!

DIY Notebook Instructions


  • To make the notebook covers, cut a sheet of watercolor paper or card stock in half, then folded each half in half like a book.
  • Sew a rectangle of marbled paper (or other process art) onto the front half of your notebook. Sew a paper heart to the center of your notebook as well, if you like.
  • Cut a stack of 10 or so sheets of printer/copy paper in half. Fold each stack in half like a book and fit inside your notebook cover.
  • Sew the pages to the cover along the center. All done!

Note: If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can glue the marbled paper to the notebook cover and then hand sew or even staple the pages into the notebook. Or buy mini blank books and simply glue the artwork to the front.

#3. Paper Heart Garlands

Paper Heart Garland from Marbled Paper

Garlands, buntings, and paper chains are easy to make and a good way to repurpose any process art into seasonal and holiday decorations.

I sewed a number of our marbled hearts together to make this garland.

Hearts Paper Chain and Garlands for Valentines Day

But I really like this hearts paper chain over on Art Bar Blog. They are easy for kids to make with artwork strips and a stapler (great for stapler-obsessed kids!).

You can also make a heart garland like this (on Green Wedding Shoes) with your new marbled paper or make a simple hugs and kisses banner like this (on Simple As That Blog).

And, of course, you can simply turn your art into an artful bunting by cutting triangles out of the artworks, then sewing or taping them together.

#4. A Kid-Made Art Book

Kids Art Book

You can make a kids’ art book for someone special, using a variety of artworks, including process art as Meri Cherry did with her kids.

6 More Valentine Craft Ideas to Make with Kids’ Process Art

You can also repurpose children’s process art into the following which can be used for gifts or decorations.

  • gift tags
  • wrapping paper
  • book marks
  • envelopes
  • ornaments
  • magnets
  • and more!
30 Valentine Crafts and Activities for Kids

Want more ideas? Click here for 30 Valentine Crafts and Activities for Kids (with a FREE printable list!).

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