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How to Paint Snow for Kids

by Andrea Martelle
January 17, 2024
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Painting real snow indoors is a fun and easy way for kids to add color to white snow. Learn how to paint snow using liquid watercolors and watch as the snow transforms into a colorful canvas.

I’ve lived in the Northeast my entire life, and I’ve never painted snow before. And after trying it, my kids have decided we need to do it every time it snows!

We were inspired to try this fun process art activity by our contributor, Rachel Withers, who tried it out with her kids after a recent snowstorm. It did not disappoint.

My kids happily squirted paint onto a tray of freshly collected snow until we were all out, and then they used the paint for some sensory play with their polar animal toys!

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Photo by Andrea Martelle

How to Paint Snow for Kids



  1. Collect your snow

    This activity is obviously best done during the wintertime, when there is snow! If you live in a warm climate, you can try this activity using ice you’ve made in the freezer.

    If you’re using snow, go outside and collect clean and fresh snow. Bring it inside and pack it into flat trays or containers.

    snow in tray

  2. Set up your painting area

    Lay down a plastic tablecloth to protect your surface. Place the trays of snow on the table.

    Add some liquid watercolors to your jars and add water to fill the jars.

    paint in jars

  3. Paint!

    Fill the eye droppers with paint and squirt onto the snow! That’s all there is to it! Experiment with different colors and patterns.

    painting snow

    Kids can mix colors, create gradients or rainbows, or even try to make scenes like mountains or forests in the snow. The snow will absorb the paint and create all kinds of designs.

    painting snow with dropper

  4. Play!

    If your children like, once they’re finished painting, they can add some small toys or animal figurines to the snow. We found that even with the added liquid paint, the snow lasted quite a while for playing.

    When you’re done, simply dump the snow outside!

This was a really fun and easy winter art activity and sensory activity, all rolled into one! If you’re wondering what to do on your next snow day, give this a try!

painted snow
Photo by Andrea Martelle

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