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Modern DIY Valentines Day Shirts

by Jean Van't Hul
January 30, 2015

Learn how to create modern DIY Valentines Day shirts.
DIY Valentines Day Shirts

We made some heart printed T-shirts this past week that are pretty darn awesome, if I say so myself.

They are modern and edgy, rather than girly and frilly. (Not that there’s anything wrong with some good girly-ness sometimes!) And they were so fun to make!

The kids all had a blast and worked on their shirts longer than they often spend on an art activity when play is also an option. Anywho, here’s how we made these shirts…

Printing Hearts on a Tshirt

DIY Valentines Day Shirts

This idea was inspired by the kid-printed number shirts on I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar (which would be awesome for kids’ birthdays).

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Preparing to Make Heart Printed Shirts

1. Create a heart template from freezer paper

Cut off a piece of freezer paper that will fit across the front of your T-shirt. Fold it in half. Draw half a heart, then cut along the lines (or slightly inside if you think you made yours too big as I did).

Open up your paper and center it over the front of the shirt, waxy side down. Now cut a piece of freezer paper to fit inside the T-shirt (to protect the back of the shirt from paint seepage) and slip it inside, waxy side toward the front of the shirt.

Preparing to Make Heart Printed Shirts

2. Iron

Once both sheets of freezer paper are in place, gently iron them on high for a few seconds (no steam) so that the waxy side sticks to the shirt fabric.

Printing with Everyday Objects

3. Prepare for printing.

Set your T-shirt with its heart template on a protected work surface. Squeeze small puddles of fabric paint onto your paper plate and assemble your everyday objects that you think would make interesting prints.

Printing Hearts on a Tshirt

You can also make heart stamps with toilet paper rolls as we did using Danya Banya‘s tutorial.

DIY Valentines Day Shirts Made by Printing with Everyday Objects

4. Fill the inside of your heart template with prints.

Dip an object, such as the tip of a straw, in fabric paint. Then, press to the fabric, and lift it to reveal the print. Or use a paint brush to paint the object with fabric paint first.

DIY Valentines Day Shirts Made by Printing with Everyday Objects

Continue until you have filled the heart.

DIY Valentines Day Shirts Made by Printing with Everyday Objects

Or, if, as with Daphne and Emily, the kids don’t want to print to the edge of the hearts, they can trace along the edges of the heart with a fabric crayon, fabric marker, textile paint stick (pictured here), or just with a paintbrush and some fabric paint. A little definition to the edge of the heart is a good thing…

DIY Valentines Day Shirts Made by Printing with Everyday Objects

And if you’re super gung ho about your t-shirt printing project, you may want to keep printing after you’ve finished with your heart.

Maia adding Paint brush strokes to her Valentines Day Shirt

Or you may want to paint some designs in your heart in addition to all that printing…

DIY Valentines Day Shirts Hanging on the Art Drying Wall

5. Let dry overnight.

If you haven’t already lifted off the freezer paper yet (it’s okay to give in and do it earlier if you’re careful), you can do so now.

6. Set the paint

Follow the instructions on your particular fabric paint. I ironed each of ours for 30-60 seconds.

Daphne and Maia in their Modern DIY Valentines Day Shirts

7. Admire and wear!

Maia and Daphne in their Heart Printed Tshirts


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