A Quicker and Easier Way to Make a Photo Book


Make a Photo Book - quicker and easier!

This post contains affiliate links. I’ve been creating photo books for years.

First of trips my husband and I took before we married and then of our family afterward.

Admittedly, the time and effort I’ve been able to put into photo books has dropped (dramatically) over the years as I’ve gotten busier with family responsibilities and my work. There are way more photo books of child #1 than child #2. I still mean to rectify that and now I may have found the perfect solution.

A quicker and easier way to make a photo book.

Tell me more, you say?

I was recently approached by Montage to try out their simplified photo book making process and write about it.

Note: Montage, which I used to create this book is no longer around. But their sister company, Mixbook, makes great books, too!

To Make a photo book with Montage, simply upload photos then click the button

A screenshot of my Montage photo book process

Their deal—You simply upload your photos and their system will shuffle them into an attractive layout with the photos roughly organized chronologically.

That’s it.

You could click the checkout button straight away if you wanted to.

Or you have the option of tweaking a bit.

Somehow their system knows which photos work better in which formats or sizes. It gives preference to the portraits or group photos for the full-page spreads and the larger photo locations. And it picks good contenders for the front cover.

The Photo Book Cover

Shuffle Cover

Here’s a screenshot of the initial front cover the Montage system came up with for my book. See the “shuffle cover” button? Click that and it’ll put in new photos and a new layout. Pretty neat. Hover your mouse over an individual photo and you have the option of deleting it from the cover (or page).

Montage Photo Book

I liked the photos Montage picked for my book cover but decided to go with something a bit simpler this time.

By the way, this book was created with photos from our Thanksgiving with my sister- and brother-in-law and their kids. I wanted a memento for each family, and especially for the cousins to look at and remember each other and the good times they had together.

Make a Photo Book: The Process

Your Montage Book - Screenshot of bookmaking process

You can go with the layout as is and check out and you’d be in good hands. I think the Montage program did a pretty good job with mine (above).

Even so, you can do as I did and tweak the layout a bit by moving photos around or changing the numbers or sizes of photos on a page.

You can change the theme, adding white space or different backgrounds.

And you can even add text if you like.

The whole process was pretty quick, even with a bit of tweaking.

Montage Photo Book

The slowest part for me was choosing the photos to use for the book.

And uploading the photos. But since I was giving it crazy big images (5,000-7,000 megabyte ), I’m not surprised.

The books are reasonably priced (they start at $39) and include up to 70 pages and 180 photos. (No additional fees for each additional page over 20, the way I’ve been used to with other photo books!)

All in all, just what a busy mom could ask for. A quicker and easier way to make a photo book.

The Finished Photo Book

I was so excited when the photo book arrived!

Montage Photo Book in Package

The book was so nicely packaged and presented. (I’m a sucker for good presentation.)

And the book is very high quality with thick pages and a lovely leather cover.

Montage Photo Book Pages

I meant to bring the photo book on our trip to Raleigh this past weekend so I could share the photos with our family.

Montage Photo Book Pages

But since I forgot, I’ve decided that I’ll just have to order a second copy to send them as a gift.

Oh, and one for each of the grandmas.

Montage Photo Book

If you’d like to make a photo book with Montage yourself, you can click here to get started or to check out their site

Again, Montage, which I used to create this book is no longer around. But their sister company, Mixbook, makes great books, too!.

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A quicker and easier way to make a photo book

This post is sponsored by MontageBook; all opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Reply
    December 16, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    Thank you. This came at the perfect time. I’m about to get onto the second year of my little (3 year old) girls life. I just got back the book of her first year (which was done through PhotoBox) and I was VERY impressed. PhotoBox had a really good deal at 75% off and a month to put it together once you pay the money. I like the fact you have that time to put them together. They had the same kind of set up but I think the images you have shown in your post, show the pages lying flat which is great! I did the manual way so I could move around the photos but I saw how easily the auto way worked and they looked really good too!!! I’ll definitely check Montage out. I’m just hoping Montage do A3 in size as I like the images to be nice and big and I have lots of pics so I can fit lots on each page.

    • Reply
      Jean Van't Hul
      December 17, 2014 at 5:00 am

      Montage has three different photo book size options, Brigitte, including one larger than the book I got. Not sure if they ship to Australia, though, so you might want to check that first before ordering…

  • Reply
    Mel Brammer
    December 17, 2014 at 6:39 am

    That looks great. I do an annual photo album (usually in the first couple of weeks of Jan), with photos of the previous year all arranged by month. I don’t think we have Montage in the UK, I use Bonusprint. I think that they have an option for them to organise it all throughout, but I’ve never trusted it! I do select the photos for each page and then press auto-layout, you can just keep clicking it and it keeps rearranging them until you find a layout you’re happy with. I really love having a BOOK of photos, not just having them all online.

  • Reply
    Katie Harding
    December 18, 2014 at 9:34 am

    This is BRILLIANT. I recently had baby #3 and I haven’t even finished baby #2’s baby book….whoops! Can’t wait to check this out.

  • Reply
    December 31, 2014 at 8:23 am

    I use FacebookPhotoBookto easily create a photo book. They automatically select your best Facebook photos in 1 minute a places them in a nicely designed photo book. Check it out!

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