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How to Do Spin Art with a Salad Spinner

by Andrea Martelle
January 8, 2023
spin art

Spin art is a fun and easy action art activity for kids. Using paint and a salad spinner, the process is mesmerizing, and each painting is unique! Updates by our Associate Editor, Andrea Martelle

Updated January 2023

Have you tried spin art with a salad spinner? So easy and so fun!

You need a salad spinner, paper cut to fit, (or paper plates or even coffee filters), and paint. And depending on how your salad spinner works, maybe a little muscle!

It was so fun to try out this classic Artful Parent action art activity! It’ll definitely be one we try again and again.

spin art pin graphic
Photo by Andrea Martelle
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Spin Painting with a Salad Spinner



  1. Set up materials

    If you need to, cut your paper so that it fits inside the salad spinner. And this project can get a little messy, so you might want to cover your workspace.

    spin art workspace

  2. Add paint

    Once your paper is inside the salad spinner, use a spoon or paintbrush to scoop a few different paint colors onto it.

    adding paint to spin art

    Or you can squeeze your paint from the bottle directly onto the paper.

    paint drops in salad spinner

  3. Place lid on and spin

    Put the lid on the salad spinner and begin to spin!

    spin art

  4. Remove the lid

    The anticipation is so great each time you spin! What will the design look like??

    spin painting

    The more paint you add, the more the colors spread and mix!

    finished spin painting

  5. Admire

    Each spin painting is beautiful and unique!

    Continue to repeat this process and try various color combinations for different results.

    lots of spin art

What to do with all your lovely spin paintings? Make a mobile! Or create a mini gallery wall with them like we did!

spin art on the wall
Photo by Andrea Martelle

And don’t worry about your salad spinner. If you don’t have one dedicated to spin art, you can easily wash the tempera paint off!

People Also Ask:

  • What is needed for spin art? All you need for spin art is paint (we used neon tempera), thick paper or paper plates, and a salad spinner!
  • What type of paint do you use for spin art? You can use most kinds of paint: tempera, acrylic, BioColors or activity paint.

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How to Do Spin Art with a Salad Spinner

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