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Create Easy LEGO Prints for Kids (with LEGOs + Stamp Pads)!

by Jean Van't Hul
March 7, 2019

Creating LEGO prints is a fun open-ended art activity for kids of all ages. Use LEGOs and stamp pads to create cities, flowers, mandalas, letters and much more!

Create LEGO portraits with LEGOs & stamp pads

Do you have a child who really likes LEGOs? I do! Daphne’s entire room is pretty much a shrine to LEGOs. They are everywhere. And lately, we’ve been exploring different LEGO art ideas, including the Pictures in Playdough I shared last week.

Well, here’s another one!

LEGO prints are an easy art activity and best part is that all you need are paper, stamp pads, and LEGOs!

LEGO prints traffic scene created using LEGOs + stamp pads

This low-mess project is a fun option for kids any time, but especially great during transitions times (think after school, prepping dinner, etc.) because of the easy set-up/clean-up.

Two girls using stamp pads & LEGOs to create LEGO prints

It is also open-ended so each child can explore the activity at their own level and create what interests them the most in the moment.

Here’s a video showing LEGO printing in action! And don’t forget to scroll down to get the step-by-step instructions.

Make LEGO prints of people, houses & cities with just an ink pad & LEGOs

LEGO Prints for Kids

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*The washable part is important! There are plenty of ink pads at the craft store that are NOT washable but you don’t want to use those. You want to make sure your LEGOs can be washed off easily afterwards!

**Foam sheets from the craft store are super easy to use for this printmaking project, because the LEGOs can sink into the foam a little bit to create a crisp print. However, paper will work great, too!


Stamp pads, LEGOs & paper for creating LEGO prints

1. Set up work space

Protect your work space with an art mat or a large piece of paper. Gather LEGOs, washable stamp pads, paper or foam sheets, and a damp rag. Scissors might be a good idea, too, for cutting your paper/foam into different sizes or shapes.

Make LEGO prints of houses & robots with LEGOs & a stamp pad

2. Create the LEGO prints

LEGO prints – create a traffic scene with LEGOs + stamp pads

Press either side of the LEGO onto the stamp pad and then onto the foam sheet or paper to make your print.

LEGO prints – Two houses printed on paper with LEGOs & stamp pads

Repeat the printing process to create a scene, image, or design. You can use various sizes and shapes of LEGOs or colors of ink.

Fun LEGO printed cities made using stamp pads, glues, scissors & LEGOs

You can also combine LEGO printing and collage. Here Daphne printed skyscrapers on different colored sheets of foam and glued them onto a white background to make a cityscape. She also did this with the LEGO print robot in the top image.

Some ideas for LEGO print inspiration:

  • houses
  • cities
  • castles
  • robots
  • cars
  • flowers
  • trees
  • letters & words
Create LEGO prints of flowers & patterns with just an ink pad & LEGOs

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LEGO prints are a fun open-ended art activity for kids of all ages. Use LEGOs and stamp pads to create cities, flowers, mandalas, letters and much more! #kidsactivities #artsandcrafts # artforkids #kidsart #printmakingforkids #processart

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