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How to Make a Christmas Craft Card with Washi Tape

by Jean Van't Hul
October 1, 2022
washi tape cards

Make this simple handmade Christmas craft card with washi tape and DIY glitter tape. These sparkly and festive cards are easy for the whole family to make.

Updated November 2022

We love making homemade Christmas cards. Here’s a super fun way to make your own glitter tape to decorate DIY cards. Or, if you’d rather skip the glitter this year, you can use washi tape!

The whole family will have fun making these cards and then sending them to friends and neighbors!

christmas craft card pin
Photo by Andrea Martelle

A Christmas Craft Card with Washi Tape


washi tape cards materials
Photo by Andrea Martelle


  1. Imagine card design and place tape

    Start by tearing off pieces of the double-sided tape and pressing them to your card in any design desired.

    double side tape on card

  2. Sprinkle glitter

    Next, sprinkle glitter over the exposed, sticky piece of double-sided tape. If you want to use different colors of glitter, either add the tape piece by piece, or sprinkle carefully! Tip the card and shake off the excess.

    glitter tree on card

  3. Repeat

    Make as many cards as you would like! You can also use regular washi tape to make designs on your cards, too.

    washi tape card

This is such a fun way to make cards! We’ve begun adding washi tape borders, designs, and elements to many of our handmade Christmas cards.

Also, we have yet to try glue dots, but we think they would work great with glitter, too!

washi tape cards
Photo by Andrea Martelle

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How to Make a Christmas Craft Card with Washi Tape

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