Watercolor Painted Valentine’s with the Toddler Art Group

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Watercolor Painted Valentines with Toddlers

The toddlers painted crayon resist Valentine's for art group last week. We started out with just crayons on the table so they could draw on the hearts. Then we brought out the liquid watercolors for them to paint over their drawings. They loved it! Especially painting with the watercolors. They worked longer than usual and most of them were very prolific!

Watercolor Painted Valentines with Toddlers

Watercolor Painted Valentines with Toddlers

Watercolor Painted Valentines with Toddlers

Watercolor Painted Valentines with Toddlers

Fun times in the studio!

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  1. says

    I know what you mean. We use our kitchen table a lot, too, although not for the toddler art group. If we’re going to do messy projects at the kitchen table, we just cover it first. In the summer, we often do our messy art outside!

  2. says

    Hi there!
    I just discovered your blog. Love your doily heart tee. I made my daughter a sparkle heart tee and was wondering if you had any suggestions for improvement. I am planning to redo the shirt using glitter bond instead of textile medium (I just discovered glitter bond at JoAnns). I would appreciate any suggestions you might have…
    Love your blog, first time here. Will definitely be back.

  3. megwrites says

    I love that you have a studio for all this mess to happen in…We have our kitchen table, which works well, but it’s a bit harder to do really messy thing!

  4. says

    Your sparkle heart t-shirt is super cute! I’m not familiar with glitter bond so don’t have any suggestions for you. I’d love to hear how it works, though!

  5. says

    My little man (22months) loves working with watercolours. He really prefers them over poster paint. I don’t know whether it is because they flow more easily or not. Not too long ago we did a leaf rubbing resist and a masking tape resist. It was heaps of fun and they turned out great. Oh, and I too envy your art work space. Not too sure how our landlords would feel about me starting one though…sigh :(

  6. says

    That looks like so much fun!
    At what age do you find the children are interested in using brushes? I’m wondering whether it’s time to get painting with my 15 month old…

  7. says

    When this came across my feed yesterday morning, I immediately pulled out the stuff to do it. My 3 yo son and his 5 yo pal were so prolific they exhausted my watercolour paper supply!

  8. says

    Daphne wanted to use a brush from very early (before a year I think) because she kept seeing her big sister use one. You can definitely try painting with your 15 month old — fingerpainting is always a good starter painting activity, but your kiddo may like to paint with a brush as well. Susan Striker (author of Young at Art) says that toddlers can start using brushes as soon as they can hold and use a spoon.

  9. says

    Thanks for your thoughtful response!
    Bub has just started using a spoon by himself, after some practice with carrot sticks. Today he drew some scribbles with a pen after watching me – I’m really excited about getting some paints out for him.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  10. Dena says

    Hi Jean,
    I have got the watercolors as I have mentioned before but am really having a hard time getting her to not mix all the colors up to brown/black. i have tried a different brush for each, didn’t work!! I don’t want to pressure her to much as I want to keep art free and relaxed. Any other ideas? She is the same age as Daphne. (We did do the glue+salt+watercolors with a dropper and that was awesome!)