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How to Make Mini Easter Baskets with Paper Plates

by Jean Van't Hul
January 7, 2024
mini easter baskets

Mini Easter baskets are easier to make than you might think! Here are simple instructions for this Easter craft with paper plates.

Updated January 2024

These mini Easter baskets are easy to make and so pretty that we thought you might like to make some, too.

First you decorate paper plates using the wax-resist watercolor technique. Then you use scissors and a stapler to turn the paper plate into an adorable mini basket!

These are perfect for Easter egg hunts, giving as gifts, or using for some Easter decor.

mini easter baskets pinterest
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Mini Easter Baskets with Paper Plates



  1. Draw with oil pastels

    First, draw on one or both sides of your paper plate with oil pastels. We used white on some, and colors on others. The result is cool no matter which one you choose!

    oil pastel on paper plate

  2. Paint the paper plate

    Use watercolor paint to paint over the oil pastel drawing, for a watercolor resist effect. Let dry.

    watercolor resist on paper plate

  3. Paint the other side

    After the first side dries, turn the plate over and paint the other side. Let dry again.

    watercolor resist on paper plate (1)

  4. Make cuts around the circumference

    Then, make even cuts all around the circumference of the painted paper plate, about 2 1/2 inches long.

    cutting around edge of basket

  5. Staple the basket

    To turn your flat paper plate into a basket shape, overlap two adjacent cut strips partway and staple them near the top.

    stapling basket's sides

    Repeat, stapling each section to the next, until you form a bowl shape.

    mini basket

  6. Add a handle

    Use the hole punch to punch two holes at opposite sides of the rim of your basket. Then thread a pipe cleaner through the holes to form a basket handle, wrapping the ends to secure it.

    mini easter basket

If you’d like, you can make bowls instead of baskets, to use as Easter candy bowls on your dinner table! To do this, overlap the cut sections a bit less when stapling them so you end up with a shallower bowl shape. And, of course, skip the handle.

mini easter baskets (1)
Photo by Andrea Martelle

We have been using our pretty paper plate mini baskets to hold Easter candy and other treats and we just love them!

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How to Make Mini Easter Baskets with Paper PlatesHow to Make Mini Easter Baskets with Paper Plates

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