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3 Easy Process Oriented Christmas Arts and Crafts for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
December 17, 2019

Looking for some fun ways to connect with your kids this holiday season? These process oriented Christmas arts and crafts are fun for kids of all ages!

3 Process Christmas Arts & Crafts for Kids

This fall I’ve been really enjoying teaching our toddler art class here in Asheville, NC.  We recently tried two fun Christmas arts and crafts with our toddler art class.

I like these art activities because they’re open ended and allow kids to explore, but still have a nice holiday feel to them.

Jean Van't Hul & child creating multimedia star activity for kids

Christmas Arts and Crafts for Kids

Christmas arts and crafts for kids

1. Painted Christmas trees

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Christmas arts & crafts ideas – Boy painting Christmas tree on the wall.

1. Prepare supplies by hanging Kraft paper on the wall for the background. Cut out a Christmas tree from white paper and tape to the backdrop with colored tape.

Child painting collaborative Christmas trees on wall

2.  Invite kids to begin painting the trees. This is a great collaborative painting project that allows kids to work together while adding various elements to the artwork.

Christmas Arts & Crafts Ideas for Kids -– Child placing star stamps on paper Christmas tree.

3. Begin collaging the painted Christmas trees. We used tissue paper circles at our toddler art class.

This little boy decided to add some stars for us!

Girl creating multimedia star activity

2.  Multimedia Star Art



Girl stamping stars on white paper

1. Prepare supplies by gathering white paper and crayons. Cut sponges into star shapes. Set out glue and star stickers, paper stars and cookie cutters.

2. Invite the kids to begin printing their star shapes on the paper.

3. Glue paper stars or add star stickers. Add more details with crayons.

Painted cardboard Christmas tree and sequins and loose parts to decorate

3. Painted Cardboard Christmas Trees + Loose Parts

Our third project is from our editorial manager, Rachel Wither. She’s been busy crafting glitter cardboard Christmas trees with her son William. They make great cards to give as gifts to teachers, family & friends.



Painted cardboard tree shapes

1. Cut cardboard into tree shapes. You may wish to do this first step ahead of time  depending on your child’s age.

2. Paint cardboard. On some of our trees we added stickers first and then painted on top.

Adding loose parts to painted cardboard Christmas trees

3. Now add loose parts. I feel pretty satisfied that the dried paint blobs I left too long in cups were recycled & used for this project. I think they make the perfect ornaments!

Decorated cardboard Christmas trees for kids

Finally, we added glitter glue, confetti glitter and regular glitter. This probably goes without saying but in order to avoid your house turning into a glitter wonderland, I’d recommend glittering at the table in a tray (or outside!) and definitely adult supervised.


Glitter Stars –These are so easy to make and add a beautiful sparkle around the home. Use them as ornaments to decorate the tree or hang around the house.

3D Cardboard Christmas Tree– Create a 3D Christmas tree out of cardboard. Decorate it with loose parts–buttons, sequins, spangles or pom poms. A fun art activity for kids & parents to work on together!

11 Salt Dough Ornaments Kids Can Make–Mix up some salt dough and try making some handmade ornaments for the tree.

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