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15 Favorite Art Activities for Children

by Jean Van't Hul
April 2, 2015

Some Favorite Activities for Children

We all have our family faves when it comes to art activities for children, yet we’re also always on the look-out for new awesome contenders to join the list of favorites. Right?

I know I am!

So, my friends, I asked my fellow bloggers from the Rockin’ Art for Kids group to share their favorite kids’ art activities with us today.

Here you go…

The favorite art activities for children by some of the best kids art bloggers out there.


15 Favorite Art Activities for Children

Sandpaper Art with Kids

Sandpaper Art Project

“We enjoyed creating this art project since it was done at the  spur of the moment when we were completely exploring and experimenting with our supplies in our art/craft stash. I have never used chalk and sandpaper together and that was a first. The 4 year old was very much excited to use these set of supplies together. The project took a form of its own and we explored liquid chalk, chalk and crayons together on the sandpaper and loved the results.” – Suja, Kids Play Box

Watercolor Art Garland

Watercolor Garland

“This garland is one of my favorite open-ended art projects to do with my art class because giving them that smaller paper size and a different art supply to paint with creates such a wonderful mood and level of concentration. They get really into how the paint moves with the Q-tip, how the colors blend, and how they can create multiple little paintings. Sometimes we make them into garland, other times we have made them into quilts, or simply taped them to the wall. Such a simple project with beautiful expression.” – Barbara Rucci, Art Bar Blog

Oil Pastel Painting Activity

Oil Pastels + Oil = Paint!

“This is an easy yet magical art activity. My kids love watching the transformation, blending the colours and experimenting. Plus it is easy to set up and fairly low mess.” – Kate Fairlie, Picklebums 

Cosmic Suncatcher

Cosmic Suncatchers

“My kids loved this project because of the “wow factor” when making the color swirls. I was testing it out when my children saw it and immediately asked to try too, a very good sign with art projects!” – Ana Dziengel, Babble Dabble Do

Fizzing Ice Chalk

Erupting Ice Chalk

“My boys and I love making our own paint recipes, and we covered our driveway with this erupting ice chalk paint many times last summer.” Allison Sonnier, Learn Play Imagine

Matisse Inspired Collage for Kids

Matisse Murals with Kids

“My son doesn’t always love making things with me, but recently we both had fun making this Matisse collage together. He enjoyed the activity because he loooves using scissors and glue.   I loved the activity because we were working on a project together and he was engaged and having fun.  My favorite part of the activity was when he looked at me and declared, “Look at me mommy, I’m an artist.”  That totally melted my heart (and made me forget about the marker mural that he drew on our walls.) :)” – Leslie, Pink Stripey Socks

Spin Art Rocks

Spin Art Rocks

“We love Spin Art Rocks! This activity is great for any age group, including toddlers.  It’s easy and the mess is contained in the salad spinner! Kids love spinning that salad spinner to see what kind of art they get inside.  Plus, rocks are a cheap, easy to find resource.  Have fun!” – Meri Cherry, Meri Cherry

Scribble Creatures

Simple as Pie Scribble Creatures

“Lately this has been our favorite thing to do, because it’s quick and fun and funny. There’s nothing better than sitting around with your kids and sharing some art and laughs with them (especially when they’re years apart in age.) This drawing game seems to please everyone and only gets more fun the more you do it!” – Jeanette Nyberg, Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Crumpled Paper Kids Art Activity

Crumpled Paper Art Project

“We absolutely love to paint with watercolors! Such a simple art material can inspire all kinds of creativity and is perfect for just about any age. Usually we just pull out some watercolor paper and paints and start painting, but sometimes the process inspires a new idea- like with our recent crumpled paper art! This watercolor technique is so very simple and leads to some amazing creations that the kids just love!” – Chelsey Marashian, Buggy and Buddy

Cardboard Masks Art

Masks in the Making

“We love this art project as it uses reclaimed + repurposed cardboard and just a few simple art materials!  The final piece is a very individualize relief sculpture and the creative process takes children from 2-D to 3-D, which children always LOVE!  …plus a little bonus, it ties in the art of a famous artist!” – Ami Maes, Handmakery

Colorful Coffee Filter Flowers

Vibrantly Colored Coffee Filter Flowers

“This is one of our favorite art activities because we LOVE bright colors.  We also enjoy experimenting with techniques, and these are extra vibrant as a result of one of our discoveries.” – Asia Citro, Fun at Home with Kids

Easy Leaf Wreaths

Easiest Leaf Wreath (Ever)

“I absolutely love making these leaves because they’re beautiful and making them is so much fun and involve so many things I cherish with the kids: walks, talks, collecting leaves + then creativity.” – Gina, Willowday

Papier Mache Bracelets

Papier Mache Bracelets

“Blank canvas paper bracelets for kids to create striking personality rich artistic statements on their wrist! This is one of my favourite site by side projects made with my daughter, she was so engaged and invested right through the process. This fun and doable project is great for kids age 5+ to explore form, colour and pattern…. and impress their friends :)” – Michelle, MollyMoo Crafts

Homemade Beads

Homemade Sparkling Beads

“Our favorite art projects always involve making wearable art – homemade sparkly beads were super simple to make, and use very little materials.  We just grabbed some colored twine & turned our newest art creation into a necklace – wearing glitter will never get easier!” – Melissa Klinker, Mama Miss

Shaving Cream Marbling Art Activity

Shaving Cream Marbling with Liquid Watercolors

“Shaving cream marbling is one of our all-time favorite art activities because it’s so fun, sensory-rich, and just gorgeous.” – Jean Van’t Hul, The Artful Parent (I had to include one of mine, too!)

Favorite Activities for Children

How about you? What are your favorite art activities for children?

What are their favorite art activities? (And are they the same or different?)

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15 Favorite Art Activities for Kids and Families

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