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Spider Web Crafts and Activities: The Ultimate Guide

by Jean Van't Hul
October 10, 2014

The Ultimate Spider Activity Guide

Spiders and spider webs are all around us—an important part of the natural world that we are all familiar with.

Halloween has laid claim to spiders because of many people’s fears and misconceptions.

Personally, though, I find spider webs beautiful. And spiders, if not beautiful, don’t scare me. (Don’t get me started on cockroaches, though!)

Whether you find spiders creepy or not, the spider and spider web imagery comes into  its own at Halloween time. If nothing else, it’s a great time to learn more about spiders!

So I’ve collected some awesome spider web crafts, art activities, play ideas, and foods to make and enjoy this Halloween.


10 Spider Web Crafts for Halloween

Spider Web Crafts - second 5

(Crafts pictured clockwise from top left)

1. Make paper plate spiders (on I Heart Crafty Things)

2. Cut spider webs out of coffee filters

3. Or try huge ones out of plastic garbage bags (on How About Orange)

4. Make Handprint Spiders (on Housing a Forest)

5. DIY Glitter Spider Webs (on Happiness is Homemade)

Spider Web Crafts - first 5

Spider Web Crafts for Kids, Continued

6. Spin a paper plate spider web (on No Wooden Spoons)

7. Weave spider webs from sticks and yarn using the traditional God’s Eye craft as inspiration (at Small for Big)

8. Make stiff yarn spider webs (by The Artful Parent on Modern Parents Messy Kids)

9. Chestnut spiders (on Red Ted Art)

10. DIY spider sack craft (on Modern Parents Messy Kids)

10 Spider Web Art Ideas

Spider Web Activities for Kids - first 5

1. Do some marble rolling to make your own painted spider webs

2. Styrofoam printed spiderwebs (on TinkerLab)

3. Fingerprint spiders (on Tinkerlab)

4. Watercolor resist spider webs with rubber cement (on I Heart Arts & Crafts)

5. White on black spider web paintings and collage (on Dollar Store Mom)

Spider Web Art for Kids - second 5

Spider Web Art Ideas, Continued

6. Crayon resist spiderwebs (by The Artful Parent for Let’s Lasso the Moon)

7. Glue resist spider web art

8. Make colored chalk spiderwebs (on Pink and Green Mama)

9. Try some salty watercolor spider webs

10. Make Mondrian-inspired spider webs (on Mrs. T’s First Grade Class)

10 Spider Web Activities & Play Ideas

Spider and Spider Web Activities for Kids - first 5

1. Make a climbing Itsy Bitsy Spider (on My Little 3 and Me)

2. Try a spider playdough activity (on Fantastic Fun and Learning)

3. Throw things at a giant sticky spider web (on Hands on As We Grow)

4. How to capture and preserve a spider web (on Inner Child Fun)

5. Edible Glowing Spiderwebs Sensory Play (on Fun at Home with Kids)

Spider Web Activities for Kids - second 5

Spider Web Activities & Play Ideas, Continued

6. Learn about spiders with these predator and prey spider web games (on Mother Natured)

7. Weave a giant spider web (on Made Every Day)

8. Make spider webs on the light table (on And Next Comes L)

9. The spider web gross motor challenge (on No Time for Flash Cards)

10. Make a giant spider web maze (on Hands on As We Grow)

10 Spiders and Spider Webs You Can Eat

Spider Web Food - first 5

1. Spiderweb pancakes (on Mama. Papa. Bubba)

2. Spider Web Pretzel Snacks (on Mom Endeavors)

3. String cheese spider web snack (on Creative Kids Snacks)

4. Halloween spider pizza (on Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons)

5. Spiderweb pizzas (on The Domestic Mama)

Spider Web Food - second 5

Spiders and Spider Webs You Can Eat, Continued

6. Easy Mini Donut Spiders (on It’s Always Autumn)

7. Spider infested chocolate chip cookies (on Hungry Happenings)

8. Spooky spider cupcakes (on Skinny Taste)

9. Spiderweb Sugar Cookies (on It’s Always Autumn)

10. Spiderweb Cookie Pizza (on Crazy for Crust)

Whew! That’s a lot of spider stuff! Which one is your favorite? Will you give one (or more!) of these ideas a try with your kids?

Spiders and Spider Web Crafts - 10 of the best ideas for kids   Spiders and Spider Web Foods - 10 fun foods, snacks and desserts

Spiders and Spiderweb Activities - 10 of the best ideas for kids   Spiders and Spiderweb Art Activities - 10 of the best ideas for kids

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