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Fingerpainting Jackson Pollock Style

by Jean Van't Hul
March 29, 2008

We received a package the other day that had a huge piece of shiny white paper loosely wrapping the items inside. I thought it would be perfect for fingerpainting, so taped it to the table in the studio. Maia noticed it almost immediately and wanted to paint.

Maia fingerpainting

fingerpainting 2

Having such a large piece of paper was exciting for her (and fun for me to watch). She used her whole body and made huge sweeping motions with her arms to smear the fingerpaint around. It reminded me of how Jackson Pollock painted, except that she wasn't flinging and splattering the paint. Maybe we'll try for that project another time, OUTSIDE.

fingerpainting 3

Afterwards she added texture to a few places with her dish scrubbie and a mesh bag and drew on the painting a bit.

The whole project made me want to buy a large role of paper, something I haven't done yet. It also really brought home the idea that different sizes and kinds of paper can make for a whole different art experience. I talked about that briefly here when I posted about small vs big art, but this "big" was on a whole different scale than our previous "big art".

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