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Halloween Scraper Painting for Kids

by Andrea Martelle
September 27, 2023
Halloween Scraper Painting

Try the fun scraper painting trend with a Halloween twist! Make spooky ghosts and black cats with this fun process art activity!

Have you seen the scraper art trend going around on the internet? The one where you can make cats (and rabbits, or bears, or any number of other cute animals) with just a little line of paint and an old credit card?

If you haven’t tried it, trust us when we say everyone will be wanting to join in! And you’ll probably keep going until you run out of supplies!

scrape painting pin
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Halloween Scraper Painting


  • Thick paper or cardstock in white and black
  • Paint in a squeeze bottle (you can use any kind of paint for the cats, but we found that only white acrylic would show up against the black paper)
  • Scraper (old gift cards, credit cards, or even an old plastic ruler can work)
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Paper or tablecloth to cover your workspace


  1. Prep your space

    Before you begin, cover your work surface. This will help keep the mess to a minimum.

  2. For Cats:

    To make a black cat, start by making a short horizontal line with two diagonal lines coming off of it. These are your cat’s ears.

    scrape art cat ears

  3. For Ghosts:

    To make a ghost, use white acrylic paint to make small semi-circle to make the top of the head.

    scraper ghost art

  4. Scrape the paint

    Then take your scraper card and, slowly and carefully, scrape the paint downward to the bottom of the paper.

    scraping art cat ears

    Pick up your card and reveal your image!

    scraper cat art

  5. Add a face

    Once the paint is dry, you can draw a face on with a black Sharpie, or you can glue googly eyes on, too!

    scraper halloween art

You can also add a second kitty or ghost to your paper, too, to make a little family!

We love this Halloween spin on scraper art. If you give it a try, share you photos on Instagram and tag us @artfulparent!

halloween scraper painting
Photo by Andrea Martelle

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Halloween Scraper Painting for KidsHalloween Scraper Painting for KidsHalloween Scraper Painting for Kids
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