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How to Make an Easy Halloween Bunting

by Jean Van't Hul
August 1, 2021
easy halloween bunting featured image

Want to make a Halloween bunting to decorate your house or classroom? Here’s one that’s quick and cheap; and uses materials you likely have.

Updated September 2021

If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home for Halloween, we’ve got just the craft project for you!

This easy Halloween bunting is fun to make, uses materials you probably already have on hand, and will get the kids involved, too!

How to Make an Easy Halloween Bunting



  1. Cut Halloween shapes

    From your colored construction paper, pick out the black pieces (and orange, if you’d like), and cut out Halloween shapes. Think bats, spiders, cats, pumpkins, and of course, BOO!

    How to Make a Halloween Bunting

    This is a great moment to talk to your child about symmetry: for the shapes, you can fold a paper in half and cut half your design out along the fold.

    How to Make a Halloween Bunting

  2. Iron your shapes in wax paper

    Next, take your construction paper bats, spiders, etc., in between two layers of a folded over piece of wax paper. Iron it to melt the wax in the wax paper and fuse the layers together.

    Note: Be sure to place your wax paper bunting between two sheets of newsprint or other paper while you iron, so you don’t get wax on your iron.

    How to Make a Halloween Bunting

  3. Cut bunting flags

    Once the layers are fused, cut out the bunting flags around each of the individual Halloween shapes and/or letters. We love the way these rounded shapes look, but you could also cut triangles.

    How to Make a Halloween Bunting

  4. Arrange and hang your bunting!

    Lay out the bunting pieces in the order you want. Then you can use black ribbon, or black masking tape like we did, to hang your bunting! We just ran the tape across the top of the flags and then taped it directly to the wall or window.

    How to Make a Halloween Bunting

    We love how these look with the light shining through the wax paper!

spider and bat garland
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

So there you have it. An easy DIY Halloween bunting that you can make quickly and cheaply. Time to start decorating for Halloween!

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How to Make an Easy Halloween Bunting

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