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Easter Egg Decorating is Easy with Stickers and Sharpies

by Jean Van't Hul
April 3, 2012

Egg decorating for Easter is easy with stickers and Sharpies.

Easter Egg Decorating with Stickers & Sharpies

We did some more Easter egg decorating over the weekend (and will likely do even more before Easter). It’s so fun to try new egg decorating ideas and to transfer some of the art ideas we’ve done in the studio to the egg “canvas.”

This time we did some more sticker resist (like tape resist art), using dot and star stickers rather than the hole reinforcement stickers, but added sharpie drawings as an extra design element.

Here’s how, plus plenty of pics…

Easter Egg Decorating with Stickers and Sharpies

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Egg Decorating with Stickers & Sharpies

Step 1. Add Stickers to Eggs

First we stuck stickers to the hard-boiled eggs in a variety of patterns.

Easter Egg Decorating with Stickers & Sharpies3

Step 2. Draw Details with Permanent Markers

Then we added drawings, scribbles, and designs with our Sharpie markers.

Easter Egg Decorating with Stickers & Sharpies

We were really excited about seeing how they looked after dyeing!

Egg Decorating with Stickers & Sharpies

Maia and I worked on this batch of Easter egg decorating together while Daphne napped (we saved a few for Daphne to do when she woke up).

Easter Egg Decorating with Stickers

Step 3. Dye Eggs

This time we used liquid watercolors rather than food coloring to color the dye, although we made the dye baths the same way (3/4 cup hot water, 1 tablespoon white vinegar, plus as much color as we wanted).

I let the dye cool to lukewarm before using in the hopes that it would make the stickers easier to peel off (it didn’t seem to make a difference).

Easter Egg Decorating with Stickers & Sharpies

Step 4. Remove Stickers

The star stickers were super easy to peel off, as Melissa from The Chocolate Muffin Tree had assured us they would be.

And the dot stickers?

Less so.

They came off. But it wasn’t super quick and there was a little bit of residue left on many of them as you can see in this photo of Maia’s awesome and favorite egg (with a scene of grass, flowers, sun, and sky), which unfortunately cracked on the bottom.

Easter Egg Decorating with Stickers & Sharpies

But it was worth it. Here are some of Maia’s finished Easter eggs.

This was such fun! And I really like how they turned out. I think there is a lot of design potential with the sticker resist plus sharpie combination.

Easter Egg Decorating with Stickers & Sharpies

Think of your Easter eggs as miniature canvases and give this egg decorating technique a try!

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Try Easter egg decorating with this sticker resist technique. Add in Sharpie marker designs for extra fun and detail. Great for kids! #easter #eastereggs #artsandcrafts #eastercrafts #kidsactivities #kidscrafts

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