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21 Spring Crafts Kids will Love

by Jean Van't Hul
March 22, 2014
21 Spring Crafts Kids will Love

We like to celebrate Spring and Easter by crafting together using the themes and colors of the season:

Fresh spring flowers—daffodils, tulips, dogwood, rhododendron, azaleas, peonies

The light greens of newly emerging spring leaves

Pinks all around us when the redbuds are in bloom

The happy yellow of daffodils, sunshine, and fuzzy chicks

Bird song everywhere!

Birds nesting

Easter eggs—dyeing and decorating eggs, crafting with eggs, finding eggs, playing games with eggs

Gardening—planting the spring peas, watching new seedlings emerge, learning about

Baby animals—lambs, chicks, ducklings, bunnies!

There is so much to love about spring! And so many lovely themes and colors to incorporate into crafting.

Here’s a list of 21 spring crafts our family has enjoyed over the years. I hope you and your kids will have just as much fun with them!

Spring Crafts Kids will Love :: Easter Egg Crafts

Spring Crafts Kids Love - Easter Crafts

1. Easter egg suncatchers made with contact paper, colored tissue paper, and ribbon

2. Coloring Easter eggs with bleeding tissue paper — both egg drawings on paper as well as real eggs

Spring Crafts Kids Love - More Easter Crafts

3. Pretzel nests :: Creative Easter snacks for kids made with edible peanut butter playdough and pretzels. Peeps or Easter egg candy optional.

4. Paint Easter egg rocks —because kids love to paint rocks! And these Easter eggs will last and last and can even be used for Easter egg hunts in the backyard.

Spring Crafts Kids Love - More Kids Easter Crafts

5. Make spring crafts kids will love from The Artful Spring eBook 

6. Make a colored tissue paper birds nest to hold Easter eggs or as part of your family’s spring and Easter decorations.

Spring Crafts Kids can Make with Flowers

Spring Crafts Kids Love - Flower crown and wings

7. Flower crowns and necklaces with glowing flower jewels.

8. Flower fairy wings :: Reuse the wire frame from a torn set of wings and make your own flower fairy wings using fresh or dried flowers.

Spring Crafts Kids Love - A Flower Box

9. Flower petal art box — This was our response to TinkerLab’s cardboard box challenge.

Spring Crafts Kids Love - More Flower Crafts

10. A flower man collage made with flowers pressed to paper with a layer of contact paper over the top.

11. Edible flowers for cupcakes and decorating lemon-iced cupcakes with kids drawings.

Spring Crafts Kids Love - Flower Crafts

12. Newspaper flowers :: Recycle newspapers into flowers with pipe cleaner stems

13. Flower mandala suncatchers :: Make beautiful flower suncatchers with a paper plate as a frame.

Stained Glass Spring Crafts Kids will Love

Spring Crafts Kids Love - Stained Glass Crafts

14. Tissue paper stained glass made with colored tissue paper over wax paper

15. Make a spring stained glass window with watercolor resist paintings

Spring Crafts Kids Love - More Spring Crafts

16. Flower petal stained glass to catch the light for an especially spring-y and ephemeral window

17. Kool-Aid dyed playsilks just because! They are fun to dye and even more fun to play with.

Spring Crafts Kids will Love :: Birds, Nests, Eggs, and the Garden

Spring Crafts Kids Love - Nest and Egg Crafts

11. A birds nest cake with ice cream eggs :: A kid-drawn bird adds an extra fun touch to this spring cake.

12. Felting eggs for the nature table :: Felting is always fun for kids.

Spring Crafts Kids Love - Garden Crafts

20. Make garden wish flags to celebrate spring in the garden and encourage everything to grow well.

21. Paint birdhouses and welcome birds in style.

Looking for more? Here’s a great spring activities bucket list (with printable!) put together by Zina over at Let’s Lasso the Moon.

What spring crafts do you like to do with your kids? Add your favorites in the comments, include a link if you like, or post a photo on The Artful Parent facebook page!

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