Catching the light with melted crayons

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We made suncatchers with crayon shavings earlier this week. Out of all the suncatchers we make, these are my favorite. We've made them a few times, both with the art group and by ourselves. And I remember making them as a child as well.

If you haven't tried them, here's the how-to: They are so easy! 1.) Grate crayons on a cheese grater. Maia likes to separate the colors into different small bowls. 2.) Set a sheet of wax paper on the table. I fold it over ahead of time, then unfold it. 3.) Instruct your child to sprinkle the crayon shavings on one side of the wax paper. 4.) Fold over. 5.) Set the wax paper/crayon shavings sandwich in between pieces of newsprint or other paper. 6.) Iron on low until the crayon melts. 7.) Hang in the window.

With Maia, I do the grating and the ironing, she does the sorting and the sprinkling/arranging. An older child could do the entire process themselves, of course.

I wish I had taken these photos in a different window without the screen behind, but I'm feeling too lazy to re-take the pictures. I still think they are beautiful though. Sometimes we cut them into shapes (hearts, stars, circles). Sometimes we make frames for them out of colored construction paper. Sometimes we just hang them in the window as is.

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  1. threegirlpileup says

    I remember doing these as a child, but haven’t thought of them in a long time. And my kids LOVE using the grater, especially the 4 year old. Though I think the only waxed paper I have around here is the eco-geek unbleached kind…..

  2. mjm says

    we used to do this straight on a griddle. probably not for preschoolers! we just put the paper on the griddle on low, and used crayons to color on it…they kind of melt and slide around.

  3. says

    The only time we’ve done this activity my kids added in all kinds of other things: leaves, flowers, pieces of string, stickers. They are always looking for ways to go beyond how I’ve explained the activity, and I’m always agreeable, so I guess they’ll always be that way! They turned out very pretty but the bigger things obviously didn’t “iron down”, like the flowers with stems or the beads. It was good for them to see first-hand what worked and what didn’t, I think. We’ll have to try this again, maybe even today since it’s rainy!

  4. says

    I remember making those as well, such fun. I haven’t done them with my kids in quite a while so we might have to do that again soon.