A winter ice wreath with flowers

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We made another ice wreath, this one with the last of the purple and white alyssums. I like the look of the flowers suspended in the ice! I have a bouquet Harry brought home last week that I may use for our next ice wreath. And someone else said they were using orange slices — sounds beautiful!


Maia's stuck on December 21st as the first day of winter. I tell her if I see white outside, it's winter. If I open the front door and have my breath taken away because of the bitter cold, it's winter. If we're on our fourth snow day of the school year, it's winter, darn it.


We tried making ice ornaments as well, with cranberries in muffin tins. They would have worked beautifully if we had remembered to put a loop of yarn or ribbon in to hang them up! Instead they are little ice hockey pucks to stack and play with and decorate our swing set. Cranberries float, so if I were to make them again, here's what I would do — put just a little bit of water in with the cranberries in the muffin tin. Freeze them in place. Then add more water and a loop of yarn. Perhaps we'll give this another go today…

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  1. says

    I love all your frozen yard art! If I lived somewhere with actual winter I would love to make these also. Today’s high in near 80. (cooler than yesterday)

  2. Vera says

    Jean, how do you get the ice ornaments out of the containers? Do they pop-out easily? What material are the containers, metal, plastic? Thanx!

  3. Holly says

    OH! I love the smaller ones! I was the one that did the oranges, and I am thinking orange slices with a little bit of green or white in muffin tins, would look wonderful! Maybe using raffia as a hanger. I love this winter art :)

  4. Carly says

    Great idea! I have a bunch of flowers I bought a couple of weeks ago that are dying. Perhaps we’ll give them a frozen grave before they die!

  5. says

    These are beautiful. We tried it the other day, but they have melted now. Its suppose to get cold later this week and we will make some more soon.

  6. Julie says

    this has become my new obsession!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE looking out the kitchen window to see the glistening, icy wreath hanging from our fence. We added bird seed on a whim and are waiting to see if some of the birds find it as it melts. I’m a preschool teacher as well and can’t wait to do this with my students. I’m hoping to do small ones with them too and hang them from the play structures for the kids to see as they walk in from the bus. Yesterday was a snow day here for us so my three daughters made a wreath and then each did an ice candle holder which we lit on the deck tonight as we ate dinner. It made eating in the dark so much more fun!! I think we should all also remember to do these projects again at the end of February when we’re grumpy about winter :-)

  7. [email protected] says

    is the wreath made with a bundt pan?

  8. says

    Such beautiful winter treasures you have created here Jean. We have had the mildest (and strangest) of Decembers, but we are hoping for some colder weather to come in so that we can partake in what looks like a lot of fun :).

  9. says

    how crazy is this…we are going to make one today…. on the longest day of the year!! Yes the thing will melt in 20 mins but they just look so fun I cant resist making one. Atleast it is overcast and this has been the coolest summer in a long while! I’ll blog about our crazy frozen wreath in hot australian weather…

  10. says

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