Our Rainbow Obsession and Some Sticker Art

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I am LOVING my new rainbow banner! Thanks so much to Alex Hennig of Clear Design for making it so perfect for me and my blog. And thanks to Maia for all the lovely rainbows she creates, including the rainbow watercolor painting used for the blog banner.

Sticker Art with Shape Stickers

This is one of Maia's most recent rainbows, made with a combination of stickers and crayons.

Sticker Art with Shape Stickers

The geometric shape stickers are from Discount School Supply. My friend Rachel and I split an order since there are so many of them and they are rather expensive. I like having the geometric shapes though, for art, rather than little ponies and hello kitty and such (which we enjoy too). Usually I make do with stars and circles (yard sale sticker tags!) and rectangles (address labels) for art, but there's definitely something compelling about an assortment of colorful stickers.

Sticker Art with Shape Stickers

Maia arranged hers by the colors of the rainbow and colored in the space between with crayon, all the while singing a simple rainbow song she learned from school. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, too. The colors of the rainbow!

Sticker Art with Shape Stickers

I'm not crazy about these skinny Crayola crayons that break so easily and quickly, but we watched a Mister Rogers' Neighborhood episode on how crayons are made (thanks for the encouragement, Teacher Tom!), and so of course I had to buy a box of Crayolas! We're enjoying all the colors.

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  1. youclevermonkey says

    You can always use the broken bits to make your own rainbow crayons. We did this to make some party bag treats. Great fun!
    We similarly love rainbows. My 5yr returned from school today with a self-portrait in pencil complete with rainbow dress. I’m still not sure she knows all her letters but she definitely knows the order a rainbow goes.

  2. Maya in Eugene says

    I read you like to work to music… try Roy G. Biv by They Might be Giants. It’s all about the rainbow and the spectrum of light.

  3. mon petit artiste: my little artist says

    cute rainbow and stickers! she did a wonderful job :)
    we might have to make a rainbow today. Yesterday we marble painted with frozen blueberries :) it was fun and turned out so pretty! :)

  4. mon petit artiste: my little artist says

    forgot to say crayola do break easier then thicker crayons but they are made a greener eco friendly way now so that is awesome!

  5. Barbara Zaborowski says

    Don’t worry about crayons breaking. Smaller pieces encourage a correct pencil grip. Then the pieces can be stripped of their paper and used for other things. As someone else has already said, they can be used to make rainbow crayons (in the oven or–as we do at school–in a solar oven.) They can be used to draw on a warming tray so that as one is drawing the crayons are melting. They can be put in a plastic bag, smashed with a hammer, and the pieces arranged on paper on warming tray and then left to melt. They can be sorted by color (or not) into small paper cups, put on the warming tray to melt, and then poured, while still liquid, onto the paper.
    I don’t know where we’d be without broken crayons!

  6. says

    This is a popular album at our house too, especially the DVD! Now, I will be singing that song for the rest of the day.

  7. Carol says

    I wanted to say thanks for recommending the book First Art. I made play clay last night (so easy) and had a blast with it. Kiddo, on the other hand, wasn’t too interested. But I’ll give it time :)

  8. says

    E is totally into rainbows too. Have you seen the They Might Be Giants video about ROY G. BIV? I see someone else has mentioned it but it is sort of awesome so deserves a second mention. We have been watching their science videos on You Tube lately and the kids love them. (Their favorite is “The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas” – not sure if that is the actual title though. Hilarious to hear a 5 year old sing those words.)

  9. says

    Yes, I know. We grate them and melt between wax paper for suncatchers. And we’ve made rainbow heart crayons with them, too. And tried a rudimentary version of encaustic painting with them. Good thing they are nice and cheap!

  10. says

    I’ll definitely have to check that out! Thanks. We have their 123s DVD and ABCs DVD, both of which I think are great. I’ll definitely look for that one though.

  11. says

    Maia’s rainbow is so creative — I love seeing how children organize their compositions! And thanks for sharing the Mr.Rogers link — I just watched it and can’t wait to watch it again with my daughter.

  12. says

    Sid the Science Kid has an episode rainbows and they sing a song too. Sadly that episode (and its mates about light, dark and shadow) and its songs aren’t available to download yet.
    My son (22 months) loves rainbows.