Easy DiY Childrens Fairy Wings

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Easy DiY Children Fairy Wings - A Tutorial

Here’s my little flower fairy in the backyard, wearing the fairy wings that Maia and I made for her.

Aren’t they beautiful? We used contact paper and flower petals to revamp an old set of torn fairy wings.

Here’s the tutorial for the childrens fairy wings that I promised yesterday:


  • 1 old set of torn fairy wings (or a strong but bendable wire)
  • Transparent contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Flower petals



1. Find a set of fairy or butterfly wings that are falling apart. Chances are you have a set or two if you have a little girl in the house. And chances are they’re torn, as the nylon stocking material rips so easily. (If they’re not torn yet, save this tutorial for when they do!)


2. Cut off the fabric, leaving the wire frame and arm bands.

Now… To turn this wire frame into childrens fairy wings


3. Cut a piece of contact paper to fit each wing segment, leaving half an inch or so to fold over the wire frame. (I found it easiest to just cut a big square, pull off the paper backing, lay the wire frame on top, then cut around it.)


4. Continue until each segment of the wings are covered with the contact paper.


5. Collect flowers from your yard, park, or store-bought bouquet. Leaves would work well, too.


6. Arrange flower blossoms on the sticky contact paper.


7. Continue until the childrens fairy wings are covered with flower petals and you are satisfied with how they look.


8. Cut a piece of contact paper to cover a wing segment. Lay over flowers, sticky side down, and use hands to smooth and press the contact paper to the wing. Trim flush with the edge.


9. Continue with the rest of the wing segments.


10. Let your little flower fairy try the wings on! (Note: Daphne wore these for all of 10 minutes then Maia wore them for the rest of the morning.)

Question #1: Do you have a child in need of a pair of childrens fairy wings?

Question #2: Do you have a pair of old or torn wings you could use for this project?

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  1. carol says

    gorgeous! love the revamped wings better than the original. what would you suggest if you wanted to make wings from scratch? old wire hanger? thanks!

  2. Barbara Zaborowski says

    Lovely, Jean, just lovely. You see, what they steal in memory, they make up for in extra creativity.

  3. says

    Beautiful! I am curious about how they will wear over time. Will the flower petals fade or turn brown inside the contact paper?

  4. Jess says

    Yes Sara, we made stained gladd windows with some flower petals and they only lasted 3 or 4 days before they turned a funny brown inside and even gave off some liquid that leaked inside the ‘window’.
    We very much enjoyed our 4 days though :)

  5. Anna says

    These are lovely! Jean, I saw a tutorial or something the other day where someone took an old or cheap pair of white stockings and put them over a frame just like this and then watered down fabric dye and put it in a spray bottle to tint the stockings, once they were dry they used glitter puff paint to draw on sparkly accents :D Maybe an idea for winter when the flowers aren’t so abundant?

  6. says

    How lovely! We recently pressed some wild flowers – just dandelions, buttercups and daisies and grasses – and then used your idea of sticky-back plastic (as we call it here!) to seal and suspend the arrangement. Looks so cool. Thanks for the inspiration. Your flower fairy is the sweetest thing I’ve seen today!

  7. says

    Thanks! And yes, I think an old wire hanger would work. You can also buy wire at home supply stores that might be a little more flexible and easier to work with.

  8. says

    Yes, the flowers will fade over time. I suppose you could reuse the wire wing frame over and over if you wanted and just do a fresh batch of flowers every once in a while.

  9. says

    That is very pretty! My girls were sad when their window things turned brown after a few days so I won’t try this myself. But it does look pretty!
    I might try this with tissue paper bits instead of flowers. Or maybe construction paper bits would work?

  10. says

    These are so cute. And of course we have a pair of wings (that aren’t broken yet) so I will keep this tucked away till then.
    Thank you!

  11. says

    Tissue paper bits would be perfect! I’d use tissue paper rather than construction paper as part of the beauty is the transparency when the light shines through them.

  12. Elizabeth B says

    These wings are exquisite! I so appreciate that you post projects that are EASY, for those of us who didn’t grow up sewing and crafting often.
    Cheers from Sydney,

  13. Jennifer says

    ooooor just use something not biodegradale! fake flowers perhaps…cut outs…glitter project maybe?

  14. Ann says

    We used to make ‘stained glass windows’ with the contact paper and different colors of tissue paper cut or torn into small pieces. Think the tissue paper would work with this as well….young toddlers could tear the pieces to put on the contact paper while older children could cut flower shapes. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about the flower petals turning brown & mushy….