Marble Rolling for Halloween Spiderwebs

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Marble Rolling for Halloween Spiderwebs

We’ve done a lot of marble painting here, but until now hadn’t tried the popular marble-rolled Halloween spiderwebs (do a google or pinterest search to see how popular it is!).

This was another after school activity I had set up for the girls…

How to make Halloween Spiderwebs


  • Black construction paper (brown paper bags work well too)
  • Scissors
  • A cake or pie pan
  • White paint
  • Marbles


Marble Rolling Spiderwebs

As prep, I cut down some paper grocery bags to fit into our pie plates and put some white tempera paint and a spoon in small bowls. Maia and Daphne each chose a few marbles to cover with paint.

Marble Rolling Spiderwebs

Then they rolled the marbles around in their pie plates, making the Halloween spiderwebs on the paper.

(By the way, see the marble that Maia’s picking up with her right hand? They kept jumping out of the pie plates. Next time I’d use a cake pan or other dish with straight sides rather than angled sides.)

Marble Rolling Spiderwebs

Here are some of their finished spiderwebs.

Marble Rolling Spiderwebs

Maia drew a couple of spiders to add to the webs.


And we glued them on and hung the completed the  spiderwebs up around the house.

Marble Rolling Spiderwebs - A Halloween Craft Project for Kids

Marble rolling is always a hit here, and this was an art project that both girls really enjoyed. Have you tried it yet with your kids?

Either plain old marble rolling or marble-rolled Halloween spiderwebs?

More ideas for Halloween spiderwebs

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  1. Eliza says

    I did this last year with my boys! We used plain black construction paper and white paint and I loved how they came out! We had Halloween stickers and the boys chose spiders to stick on the web (though drawing them is much more creative!). I want to do this activity this weekend with them again. Easy and fun!

  2. Nancy says

    My boys (now older) did this in Kindergarten, but I recall they did it at Easter time with lots of bright colours and then they were cut into large easter egg shapes. I love how it’s been adapted into a Halloween theme.

  3. says

    this is such a cute idea. I am a pinterest junkie and hadn’t seen this yet! I am having an extra little girl to watch on Halloween, so I wanted to be prepared with 3-4 fun activities to do that day…this will be one of them!
    Thanks again,
    Sarah M

  4. says

    What a great idea! Thank you so much for always providing such great inspiration. I recently joined a playgroup and next week I will be hosting an art activity inspired by your amazing work. Thanks again and happy weekend!

  5. says

    I love this! We are so going to give it a try with ping pong balls. I’m still a bit nervous about my littles with marbles since they are in the 2 and under set. We did a project earlier this fall with ping pong balls in roasting tins. The tins are nice and light for little hands. :) Of coarse, hehe .. I choose to do this one outside with my littles because well … it doesn’t take long for balls to start flying around here. :)

  6. roise says

    fun activity! …and a teachable moment that spiders have 8 legs, not 6 (insects). great math activity. if one spider has 8 legs, how many legs will 2 spiders have?