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Mandala Kids Art Game

Maia and I have been making interactive mandalas for a couple of months now, taking turns drawing each successive layer. Lately we've been making them into heart mandalas, mostly because Maia loves hearts, but also because of Valentine's day. And yesterday, as a family Valentine's celebration activity, we made a huge heart mandala together.

Mandala Kids Art Game

The interactive mandala idea is from a FamilyFun clipping that a friend passed on to me a couple of months ago. According to the blurb, each person takes turns adding a layer to the mandala until you decide it's complete. Maia loves art games that she can do with me or a friend, so this has been popular in our house.

Mandala Kids Art Game Mandala Kids Art Game

Here are a couple small mandalas we've made together with 8×10 paper and markers. We've made circular ones, like these, as well as heart mandalas (with each successive layer a heart, rather than a circle).

Mandala Kids Art Game

For Valentine's Day, I thought we'd make a huge one together. I taped down a sheet of butcher paper to the kitchen table and got out the oil pastels. Maia drew the first teeny tiny heart in red, I added a pink heart around hers, and she drew another red heart adding the words, "I love you." While I tried to get Daphne to join us, she was more interested in playing. (She later came and adding some of her drawings around the outer edge.)

Mandala Kids Art Game

I loved the symbolism (your heart wrapped in my heart enclosed in your heart…), but Maia mostly just enjoyed it as an interactive drawing activity.

Mandala Kids Art Game

Once the heart mandala was as big as we could possibly make it…

Mandala Kids Art Game

…we got out the liquid watercolor paints in red, pink and tangerine and painted our family valentine.

Mandala Kids Art Game

Once dry, we cut out our heart mandala and hung it on our living room wall. I LOVED this as a family Valentine activity! But since Valentine's Day is over, perhaps you could try the regular interactive mandala with your kiddos. It makes a fun kids art game!

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  1. Andrea says

    Wonderful! We love hearts every day. I’ve had my eye on mandala coloring books, but I never had the thought to make one of my own with my kids.

  2. says

    What a sweet idea–I have never heard of an ‘interactive mandala’ art project before, so this was all new to me. I *know* my kids would love this. I’m pinning this for later use (probably tomorrow!). Another excellent idea, thanks for sharing.
    Sarah M

  3. says

    My daughter loves mandalas, but I never heard of doing interactive ones. What a great idea! I especially love these heart-shaped ones; every little girl loves hearts, doesn’t she?
    I also love that you made this such a multi-technique activity. Using pastels and then paints added a really interesting texture to the finished project.

  4. stacey says

    thanks for this simple idea! i did it with my 5 y.o. son this afternoon while his big sisters were busy with their school projects. this activity then led to making a multi-teasure map with loads of scary obstacles by the treasure spots (alligators, sinking sand, lightning!). and then a few rounds of finding lego treasure around the house. your ideas always inspire and lead to fun, extended together time. thank you!!

  5. says

    I am so glad to have found your blog! You have so many wonderful inspirations!! I can hardly wait to get my Littlest Helper started on some of them. She has been eagerly making Valentine decorations for two weeks now, so will be thrilled to do some of yours! Thanks so much!!

  6. Leslie Cordell says

    Sometimes my small art class finishes the project w time to spare. What a beautiful interactive idea. We could just pass the paper around the table, each student adding a layer. It could even continue the next week if there’s room left. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for such a great site. Thanks for your expertise and generosity.