Chocolate-Pretzel Christmas Trees :: A Holiday Treat Kids Can Make

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Chocolate-Pretzel Christmas Trees -- An Easy Holiday Treat Kids Can Make

Chocolate and pretzels are a traditional combination for a good reason. The smooth, rich chocolate is perfectly balanced by the saltiness and crunch of the pretzels. We've paired the two before by dipping pretzels in chocolate. This time, we combined them into a fun and easy Christmas tree treat.


Before we started in on the chocolate-pretzel trees, though, we made another round of candy cane lollipops—the idea that (loosely!) inspired the trees.


Maia put a special request in for making and bringing the lollipops to a potluck party we went to over the weekend. Daphne really got into making them this year, loving every step from cutting the candy cane wrappers off with her scissors to decorating them with sprinkles and chocolate chips (while sneaking plenty into her mouth…).


With the leftover melted chocolate from the candy cane lollipops, we had a chance to try out my Christmas tree treat idea. We positioned pretzel sticks to form the upside-down "V" of the Christmas tree with another one in the center for the trunk.


I spooned the melted chocolate into the V, letting it fill and form the tree shapes…


…while the kids decorated the Christmas trees with white chocolate chips as well as chocolate and colored sprinkles.


We let them sit to cool and harden before nibbling the top off a tree. Mmm…

This is one of the many holiday ideas I had scribbled in a notebook a while back but just didn't have time to try before putting together the winter crafts ebook

But that's okay! It gives me something to try now… :)

By the way, I'm on a mission to clean and organize our house this week. I should probably be sewing gifts and making gingerbread men, but instead, I'm chasing dust bunnies and going through a big decluttering rampage. I haven't even gotten my sewing machine out yet and I think it's time to admit to myself that I'm just not going to do it this year.

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    I just wanted to tell you how much I really love and enjoy your blog. My daughter and I made this craft for Christmas gifts and we had so much fun together. At two, I wasn’t sure she would be old enough to really participate but she indeed was and I think it made the gifts very special and memorable. Thank you for your wonderful projects and posts!

  2. says

    We made these this Christmas with our kids. It was an easy, low-stress project that resulted in adorable Christmas gifts for the kids’ teachers. Thanks for sharing! We’ll be doing these again next year :)