Yarn Painting on Canvas

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Yarn Painting on Canvas - A Fun Collage and Painting Project

My friend Jen came over the other day with two of her four kids in tow. The plan was to paint and play with yarn. Jen had seen a painting of mine that included designs in red string and the idea intrigued her.

I set out small canvases, bowls of watered down Elmer’s glue, yarn and embroidery floss, and acrylic paint.

We dove right in, dipping the yarn in the glue and then arranging it on the canvases.

This project is similar to the yarn and glue painting Maia and I have done from MaryAnn Kohl’s book, Art with Anything with a couple of distinctions:

Yarn Painting 6

  1. We used colored yarn instead of white yarn. The color played an important role in the overall design.
  2. We painted as we went instead of waiting for the glue to dry.

Jen used her fingers to apply and mix the paint, created a house scene.

Yarn Painting 12

Mercy worked on a spiral and applied paint with a foam brush.

Yarn Painting 21

I played with random designs (and used a regular paint brush).

It was a lot of fun! And freeing to paint as we went. Adding more glue-soaked yarn… Then more paint… Etc.

Yarn Painting 13

Mercy noticed that using the acrylic paint over the glue created interesting patterns as they interacted.

Yarn Painting 32

Afterward we left the art materials set up and I continued to work on a couple of paintings and Daphne joined me at the table (in painting smock over swimsuit!), painting for quite a long time and talking about her paintings as she went.

I’d like to try this painting + yarn concept again soon, both for myself and the girls. It’s lots of fun and has so much possibility!

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  1. earley says

    My toddler did a “worm” painting at daycare last week. They used yarn in paint and just let the little ones pull the yarn across the paper however they like. It was a pretty cool idea! I would’ve never thought of doing something like that with a room full of 20 – 26 month old kids…then again I’m an accountant. :)

  2. says

    We’ve done something like this mixing the glue and the paint together to get things to stick. The colors you guys got are really nice though!