Sticker Resist Starry Night Cards

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Sticker Resist Starry Night Art and Cards -- Easy for kids to make and BEAUTIFUL!

Maia, Daphne, and I have all been creating many, many of these gorgeous starry night cards. Each card is unique and a surprise, which adds an extra element of fun (and lots of oohing and ahing). But the actual process is super quick and easy, which making this a great technique for making multiple cards.

We’ve been using them for Christmas cards, but you could also use them for post-holiday thank you cards, Happy New Year cards, or to make a set of blank greeting cards as a gift.

Or just one-of-a-kind art worthy of framing for the wall.

How to Make Sticker Resist Starry Night Art Cards



Sticker Resist Starry Night Art 12

Step 1: Press star stickers to watercolor paper.

Sticker Resist Starry Night Art 16

Step 2: Paint over watercolor paper and stickers with liquid watercolors.

Sticker Resist Starry Night Art 06

Step 3: Sprinkle salt over wet watercolor paint. We used table salt, but you can use kosher salt or other larger salt crystals for varying effects.

Sticker Resist Starry Night Art 10

See how the salt crystals begin drawing water (the wet watercolors) to them, creating a dappled effect? The magic is beginning!

Step 4: Let dry completely.

Sticker Resist Starry Night Art 17

Step 5: Rub salt off with your fingers, then peel away the star stickers.

Note: The Avery star labels we used worked great (picture at left). The foil star stickers Daphne received in a birthday party goody bag (pictured at right) did not create the same sticker resist effect. They were silver on the bottom of the sticker, rather than white, and didn’t adhere strongly to the paper; the watercolor paint seeped under them. The stickers were still beautiful on the cards, though, so we just left though on.

Sticker Resist Starry Night Art 19

Step 5: Glue the starry night art to the front of blank cards and press under a heavy book until dry.

Step 6: Add any embellishments desired with pen or marker. I made a border around the artwork and, for Daphne’s cards, added the artist’s name and date. Maia wrote Merry Christmas, etc, on the front of hers. And, of course, add your message on the inside.

Sticker Resist Starry Night Art 07

We mailed some to friends and family…

Sticker Resist Starry Night Art 18

And coupled some with treat plates for teachers, etc.

See the candy cane heart? We’ve been playing around more with bending and shaping candy canes. And started experimenting similarly with mints—melting them into wreaths, flowers, and lollipops. Fun, fun!

The other items pictured on this treat tray are all found via Pinterest, btw:

More Ideas for Handmade Christmas Cards

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  1. katie says

    haven’t seen any posts this year but last year I saw people makng plates out of the starlite mints…red & white and multi colored ones? melting jolly ranchers in cookie cutters make yummy edible treats

  2. says

    These are SO, SO, SO beautiful!!! (I know, with the caps and exclamation points…)
    Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!

  3. shannon { A Slice of Home...} says

    Love these they are so pretty! Pinning it and plan on making some this week over Christmas break! :)

  4. says

    Ooh, fun!
    Question: Have you melted jolly ranchers in cookie cutters? We tried that idea with candy cane pieces last week but they didn’t come out smoothly (ie they broke when we tried getting them out). Any tips?

  5. georgine says

    Love the cards, but really love the link for the fudge. I just happened to have all the ingredients, so I made it. Haven’t tasted it yet, but the bowl licking tasted promising. Merry Christmas and thanks for all the great ideas!

  6. rachel says

    how simple and beautiful! great for all my varied aged kids. will be doing for post xmas art around the house (i’m thinking we’ll start a snowy/starry night theme :) ) and thank you notes. thx!

  7. Lucille says

  8. Julianne says

    I recently found this blog and I love it. Thanks for the fabulous ideas. I recently did some salt and watercolor arts with the kids I babysit, I was wondering, what happens if you use colored salt? Will it leave a trace of color after its brushed off? I don’t know but I’m trying it. I also did some salt dought ornaments, too fun!

  9. Diana Bolstad says

    Can anyone comment on whether the salt reacts the same with temperatures paint or homemade water color paint?