Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (+ 4 Rainbow Scavenger Hunt Ideas)


St Patricks Day Rainbow Drawing and Four Rainbow Scavenger Hunt Ideas!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Maia surprised us yesterday afternoon with this St. Patrick's day poster, complete with a rainbow drawing, a pot of gold, and a couple of four leaf clovers. It's now hanging next to her big rainbow painting in the living room (don't double rainbows mean good luck?).

St Patricks Day Rainbow Drawing by Daphne

Daphne drew a rainbow as well, using all the colors she could find, then hung it next to a couple of her other rainbows in the bedroom. Methinks little sister is being influenced by big sister's art preferences.

Our plan for the day involves green eggs and ham followed by a rainbow scavenger hunt (both by special request from Maia). 

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt For the rainbow scavenger hunt, I think I'll organize it much like our simple color scavenger hunt (pictured here). I'll have Maia and Daphne find a certain number of items to represent each color of the rainbow, then ask them to arrange the colored items into a rainbow on the table. Nothing too tricky.

Maia's hoping for a pot of gold (chocolate coins) as part of the rainbow scavenger hunt, so I'll probably figure out how to incorporate them. I thought about putting some into colorful plastic Easter eggs and having the girls find them as part of the scavenger hunt, but I may get lazy and just scatter them under the rainbow once it's complete… 

St Patricks Day Rainbow Drawing 4

Either way, this girl is excited about rainbows and St. Patrick's Day.

3 More Rainbow Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Looking for a kids' activity for the day? Here are a few more rainbow scavenger hunt ideas to keep them happily occupied today or any day:

  • Take a look at this awesome rainbow nature scavenger hunt by Cheri over at I am Momma – Hear Me Roar. I LOVE it and am definitely going to give it a try as soon as we have a bit more color outside.
  • Rachelle at TinkerLab did a rainbow photo scavenger hunt with her girls, something I think would be great for the kids (I'm adding it to my "to do" list!).
  • Jamie at Hands On : As We Grow posted about a fun rainbow scavenger hunt with clues (she includes a printable!) to find strips of colored paper that her son then used to make his own rainbow.

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    March 17, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    I know what we are doing one day on our spring break! Thanks for sharing. my boys are older so i think we will do a photo scavenger hunt!

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