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A Shape Tracing Activity for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
July 25, 2010

Shape Tracing Drawing Activity for Kids

Our floor is covered with toys, blocks, puzzle pieces, kitchen utensils (because they’re clearly more interesting than the baby toys), books, you name it. It’s probably on our floor.

I thought, hey, instead of pulling my hair out, maybe we could turn this into an art project!

Hence this shape tracing activity for kids…

A Shape Tracing Activity for Kids

So on Friday I moved some of the stuff, taped down a piece of our contractor’s paper, moved the stuff back into place (on top of the paper), and brought out the markers and pens.

A Shape Tracing Activity for Kids

Maia and I both traced the objects, which was fun, and also a neat way to translate three-dimensional items onto paper and to see their shapes.

A Shape Tracing Activity for Kids

Maia’s done so many body tracings, that this was a nice change of pace, and a way for her to do the tracing herself. Hands and feet were traced as well, but mostly inanimate objects this time.

A Shape Tracing Activity for Kids

When some friends came over, they joined in. I brought out some watercolor paints, thinking they would like to paint in the objects they had traced, but they had their own ideas of how they wanted to paint (as is so often the case!).

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had a hot one — 94 degrees today. Is it hot where you live? We don’t have AC and the heat and humidity are getting to me. Sometimes I think I’m a better parent in the spring and fall.

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A Shape Tracing Activity for Kids

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