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Some Fancy Playdough Play

by Jean Van't Hul
June 8, 2012

Playdough Play

Maia's first day of summer vacation was earlier this week. The day unfolded, slowly and gently, without a plan of any kind. Pajamas were worn well into the day. There was lots of art, plenty of playtime, and some reading, swinging, and baking as well.

All in all, a good start to summer vacation.

Playdough Play

We keep a few simple art materials near the dining table and the girls often draw a bit in the morning, before or after breakfast. This morning, however, they got out the playdough instead of paper and crayons. I expected they'd play with it for maybe a half hour, but three hours later they were still at it.

Three hours!

Maia started off by pressing circular designs in her playdough "cake" with the ends of large wooden lacing beads. Then she carefully added toothpick candles around the perimeter.

Playdough Play

Daphne did something similar, pressing designs in her playdough with a patterned rolling pin and then adding a row of toothpicks across the middle.

Playdough Play

Maia then took hers to a whole new level with a structure of toothpicks and little playdough balls at the center (much like the grape and other toothpick sculptures we've done). We all admired it, then she took it apart so she could make something new.

Playdough Play

Using our silicone muffin liners as molds, Maia then created playdough cupcakes.

Playdough Play

They were lovingly decorated with beads and toothpicks.

Playdough Play

When Maia moved on to string bead necklaces, Daphne took over the cupcake decorating process (with Maia's permission).

Playdough Play

She really, really liked it.

Playdough Play


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